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Future Hub 2022

Il futuro è già qui

Il mestiere più importante delle aziende che espongono a Klimahouse e per la Fiera stessa è innovare. In questa edizione sono 19 le Startup innovative, accuratamente selezionate dal nostro partner Blum.Vision per presentare in anteprima il frutto della R&D più avanzata, pronta per arrivare sul mercato.

Ciascuna Startup ha la possibilità di: 

  1. farsi conoscere dal pubblico in tutti e 4 i giorni di Fiera nel padiglione presso il Future Hub - settore C, corsia 18 
  2. presentarsi ad un pubblico di specialisti grazie ai pitches all'Innovation Forum accanto al Future Hub
  3. concorrere per il Klimahouse Prize, rispettivamente per le categorie "Startup" - innovazione per l'edilizia - o "Startup Mobility" - innovazione per la mobilità sostenibile.

Fai anche tu un viaggio nel futuro! Scopri in anteprima le aziende della categoria "Startup"


Innovazione per l'edilizia, categoria del Klimahouse Prize "Startup"


Fisciano (SA)

BBB BioBuildingBlock

BBB srl is an innovative start-up, which has developed the bio-brick BioBuildingBlock, in wood and metal bars, which can house wood shavings or rock wool to increase the thermal and acoustic insulating properties.



Isinnova - In our laboratory, we carry out technical tests and feasibility analyses, perform specific tests to identify the most suitable solutions and conduct studies on cutting-edge technologies.



Krill Design is a Milan-based innovative start-up and design studio, born in 2018 from the meeting of Ivan Calimani, former Expo Project Manager, and Martina Lamperti and Yack di Maio, 3D printing experts and former founders of a digital manufacturing hub.

Villotta di Chions (PN)


MAARMO radiant marble powder radiant heaters are derived from exclusive production processes and dedicated, patented equipment.

Breganze (VI)


Mixcycling - We believe that every waste, in order to become a new resource, must first be 'dreamed'. That is why, with specialised patents, we ennoble waste from industrial processing to give a new life to what would be thrown away.

Conversano (BA)


Nextome is leader in indoor positioning. It localizes, guides and tracks users and asset with a simple to install, ready-to-use and low cost solution.

Reggio Emilia


PlayWood produces furniture components and accessories for the home and workplace that are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and made from renewable sources. Designed according to ecodesign principles.



RElabs is the first company in Italy specialising in the development of digital platforms and blockchain-based business models for the real estate and construction sector, that can cut costs, simplify procedures, or increase the valuation of real estate.

Borgo Valsugana (TN)


Vaia creates everyday objects from timber felled by the October 2018 storm, creating a sustainable business.

Saluzzo (CN)


WASH4GREEN has developed a system for washing cars with 100% environmentally friendly waterless products. The vehicle will stay cleaner for longer than a traditional water wash.



ZeroCO2 implements reforestation, afforestation, and tree planting projects in urban and non-urban areas in various places around the world, with the aim of preserving nature, but not only.

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