Hospitality Gamechanger Summit

15.-16. May 2025

Solutions for Sustainable Hospitality

BEAM drives interdisciplinary exchange in the hospitality industry. We are a Think Act, more than just a Think Tank: Not only thinking, but also acting! That's why we bring together the game changers of the industry: innovative individuals, visionaries, and relevant decision-makers.

BEAM inspires, sparks impulses, and initiates real changes.

On May 15th and 16th, 2025, we will gather in Bolzano, South Tyrol for the BEAM - Hospitality Gamechanger Summit.

This is BEAM

Inspire, Innovate, Initiate Change.

BEAM connects the sectors within the value chain of hospitality: Agriculture, food service, gastronomy, hospitality, tourism, and destination management. People with different perspectives come together - thus, innovation and holistic change emerge.

BEAM addresses the challenges of hospitality: Sustainability, digital transformation, changing customer needs, work culture, and new business models. Each of these approaches holds significant potential to change the future of our planet environmentally, economically, and socio-culturally.

BEAM is also a community: In this space, visionaries and doers think and act, presenting solutions with global impact, exchanging across industry boundaries. Together, they muster the courage to change the industry - and the world.

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

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Beyond an event, BEAM is a platform for hospitality visionaries and achievers. We offer a stage to showcase global solutions, ignite transformative mindsets, and promote cross-industry collaboration among game-changers. Join our BEAM community on LinkedIn and stay in touch with the future of hospitality!

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