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Let's change the world through hospitality!

Our Vision

BE AMbitious. Lead the change.

After the first Launch Event in September 2023 we'll meet at Messe Bolzano for the first BEAM Summit on June 6th and 7th to get inspired and learn how to transform hospitality with a people-centered mindset.

The BEAM Summit is committed to spearheading the future of the hospitality industry by addressing its central challenges: sustainability, digital transformation, evolving customer needs, work culture, and new business models. As a global Think Act, we aim to foster interdisciplinary exchange, bringing together innovative visionaries and influential decision-makers to drive sustainable change. With a focus on creativity and passion, we endeavor to strengthen the industry's resilience, shape it sustainably, and advocate for a livable future.

BEAM Summit Edition 1

06 - 07.06.2024

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Martin Raymond
Signe Jungersted
Godo Röben

We either find something new, or the planet will die

Martin Raymond

Co-Founder The Future Laboratory, London

Ask not what locals can do for tourism, ask what tourism can do for locals.

Signe Jungersted

CEO and co-founder of Group NAO, Copenhagen

I don't want to convince anyone to become a vegan, I just want to have the choice

Godo Röben

Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Executive Board, Investor in the "Alternative Proteins" segment

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

Our Commitment

Inspire, Innovate, Initiate Change.

BEAM is a dynamic movement, a reference point for proactive creators, trailblazers, and pioneering minds embracing visionary concepts. We unite every facet of the hospitality value chain— Agriculture, Food Service, Gastronomy, Hospitality, Tourism, and Destination Management—to foster an interdisciplinary synergy. Uniting diverse perspectives, we pave the way for holistic transformation and drive innovation at every level.

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

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Beyond an event, BEAM is a platform for hospitality visionaries and achievers. We offer a stage to showcase global solutions, ignite transformative mindsets, and promote cross-industry collaboration among game-changers. Subscribe to the BEAM newsletter and stay in touch with the future of hospitality!

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The BEAM Launch

Embracing change

On September 14, 2023, the inaugural BEAM Launch event took place at Fiera Bolzano. 100 handpicked game changers and influencers from the global hospitality industry convened to take the first steps for this visionary community. It marked the starting point where we, as a community, laid the groundwork for an inspiring journey ahead.

Get inspired by the BEAM Launch

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