14 — 14.09.2023


Transforming Hospitality

Countdown to the Launch Event 2023

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Transforming Hospitality

The most inspiring, cross-industry summit in hospitality.

A look at the future of the hospitality industry through the lens of the most courageous and visionary movers & shakers and the most influential decision-makers. Join the movement and shape the future with BEAM!

BEAM starts with the Launch Event on September 14th, 2023, an exclusive meeting for the innovative tourism community. Let us ignite that spark at the inaugural event of an annual series. Stay tuned!


    Just Another Summit?

    As a major global employer, the hospitality industry shapes the future of our planet in ecological, economic, and socio-cultural terms. It is currently undergoing a transformative phase due to climate change, evolving guest needs, and changing employment dynamics. 

    This industry-wide transformation lacks interdisciplinary collaboration and a community of courageous and visionary individuals who can drive change. 

    This is where BEAM comes in: 

    • BEAM challenges the status quo, establishes standards, and instills industry confidence! 
    • As a catalyst for resilience and future sustainability, BEAM serves as a transformative incubator.


    10,3% the hospitality industry’s contribution to the global GDP
    330,000,000 jobs in the hospitality industry worldwide
    1,500,000,000 travelers worldwide
    17,356,160 yearly CO2 emissions in tonnes*

    * According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and   the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) 2016

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    BEAM Be Ambitious
    BEAM Segments of Hospitality & Their Future Topics
    Transformation through Cooperation

    BEAM is a global powerhouse that unites innovative leaders and decision-makers in the hospitality industry, driving its transformation.

    BEAM Be Ambitious

    Hotel Industry, Tourism, Gastronomy, Agriculture & Food Service. Four segments, many important topics.

    BEAM Segments of Hospitality & Their Future Topics

    Our mission is to connect visionary leaders who think and act disruptively, propose radical ideas and make a real impact. Together, we address global issues, find actionable solutions, and inspire each other, ensuring a bright and sustainable future for the hospitality industry.

    Transformation through Cooperation

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