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At Fiera Bolzano, a groundbreaking initiative is growing - BEAM, a platform ready to redefine hospitality globally. As an idea of the team, together with Thomas Mur and Martin Luible, BEAM aspires to start a movement - a 'Davos of hospitality'.

The acronym embodies 'be ambitious,' signifying a call to action for future-focused visions and practical solutions. Unlike targeting specific sectors, BEAM invites all passionate stakeholders in hospitality, those igniting change and those eager to join this visionary community. 

Why BEAM? It's about preparing the industry for imminent paradigm shifts: climate challenges, digitalization, evolving customer demands. This isn't just a summit; it's a transformative 'Think Act' space, nurturing innovation with radical thinkers and determined implementers.

BEAM Summit Edition 1

06 - 07.06.2024

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Martin Raymond
Signe Jungersted
Godo Röben

We either find something new, or the planet will die.

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

Martin Raymond

Co-Founder The Future Laboratory, London

Ask not what locals can do for tourism, ask what tourism can do for locals.

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

Signe Jungersted

CEO and co-founder of Group NAO, Copenhagen

I don't want to convince anyone to become a vegan, I just want to have the choice.

Foto credits © Hannes Unterhauser

Godo Röben

Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Executive Board, Investor in the "Alternative Proteins" segment

This was the program of the BEAM Launch 2023

BEAM LAUNCH 2023 - Invitation only

  • 11:00 BEAM Connect Brunch (Fiera Bolzano) 
  • 12:30 Start BEAM Launch Event (Fiera Bolzano) 
  • 17:00 End BEAM Launch Event 
  • 17:15 Departure Evening Experience BEAM Connect



Moderation: Maria-Elisabeth Laimer

Roberta Ceretto

Artful Paths of Change:

The Holistic Approach of a Family Business

Roberta Ceretto, President of Ceretto Aziende Vitivinicole

Visionary ideas and inspirations for tomorrow - but ready-to-wear!

Concrete approaches from speakers that the BEAM community found particularly valuable. Discover the BEAM Launch Abstracts!

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