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Innovation never stops

Innovation does not only mean the introduction of new products, but also the improvement and further development of already functional solutions. This is exactly what Isolcell, a international leading South Tyrolean company in the field of modified and controlled atmosphere for fruit and vegetables, has done with the new Deoxyl Gold line of ethylene converters.

Ethylene converters are part of the controlled atmosphere systems used to slow down the ageing of the fruit after harvest. Ethylene is in fact a fruit hormone, which, as long as an apple, for example, is on the tree, accelerates its ripening, but causes it to decompose after harvesting. 

Deoxyl Gold cleans the air in the storage rooms thanks to a system of forced air circulation through a catalytic bed, maintained at a temperature of around 250°C.

The performance of Deoxyl Gold is 30% higher than previous models, while energy consumption is reduced by 70%. The system can also be connected to ISOSOFT management software (also from Isolcell) for real-time control of operating parameters and remote assistance, and is available in 4 models (200, 400, 700 and 1100).

Isolcell has participated in Interpoma, the international apple fair held every two years in Bolzano, for several editions. The next edition is scheduled from 17th to 19th November 2022.



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