More visibility for your business

To give your company all the visibility it deserves, take advantage of our advertising space: the new Digital Display system, web campaigns, printed catalogue, unique and exclusive spaces on entry tickets, big prints and discounted packages. And if you want a particular marketing action, we will gladly pack a personalized offer at special conditions (if you choose at least 2 spaces).

Advertise on the visitor guide

There are several possibilities to highlight your brand on the visitor guides of our trade shows!

Back page pocket guide
Unique position - only available for certain trade shows
148,5 × 103,5 mm

Premium box 1/2 page pocket guide
2 positions - only available for certain trade shows.
71 × 103.5 mm

Sponsor bar
6 positions - available for all trade shows.
71 × 50 mm
Ask our team for special promotions!

Download a pocket guide

pdf (4.37 MB)

Advertise on our websites

Superbanner on the online exhibitor catalog

Get noticed immediately with a superbanner on the online exhibitor catalogue page. Required material: photo, company logo, short text and stand number.

Unique position! Contact us now to check availability.

Advertise on our online tickets

Advertise on our online tickets

Seize your chance and become the first company to introduce itself to your potential clients by booking an advertising space on our online tickets.

Required dimensions: 99.5 x 129 mm

Required format: pdf

Unique position! Contact us now to check availability.

DD 98" - escalator

DD 65" - gallery level 1

DD ledwall - main entrance

Big prints parking

Material leafleting and distribution

Service allowed

  • to our exhibitors at the fair
  • to non-exhibitors only if they are not in competition with the exhibitors present at the fair

Paid service - authorization required for max. 2 persons per day - limited permits.