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Working for Fiera Bolzano

Whether you are just embarking on your career at Fiera Bolzano or have been with us for years, we want to make our staff happy and help you fully develop your skills and talents. We also offer the best conditions for a successful future, both professionally and personally, with modern working conditions and a healthy work-life balance that unites work and family. We are a bilingual company and every team member communicates in their own language. Even our "5-V model" motto is in two languages: valori, Vertrauen, volontà, verkaufen und vincere! (Values, trust, willingness, sales and win!)

Staff development

The staff is Fiera Bolzano's greatest asset. Their professionalism and dedication determines our joint success. We offer our employees ongoing training and seminars to encourage their personal and professional development. Annual appraisals give everyone the chance to reflect, and open developmental opportunities.

Ideas workshop

New, creative ideas contribute significantly to the success of the company. Our management team gives employees the opportunity to express new ideas and suggestions.

"Family and Work Audit" certification

"Family and Work Audit" certification

At the Autumn Trade show 2016, Fiera Bolzano was awarded the "Family and Work Audit" certification by the City's Families Office and Chamber of Commerce. This is a management tool that companies use to bring their staffing policies in line with the family and life phases, with the aim of enhancing employees' quality of life and strengthening their emotional attachment to the company. This is audited in an ongoing, dynamic process.

Flexible working hours, a high percentage of female staff, flexible part-time opportunities, an in-house day-nursery and various other amenities based around sports and health, are just a few of the many benefits on offer.

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