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 Our company is run according to the management criteria of a private company, but with a close eye on the objectives of our main shareholders, namely the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Trentino-Alto Adige Region, and the Chamber of Commerce and Municipality of Bolzano. We therefore see ourselves as a publicly owned company, whose rationale goes beyond mere profit. We are an integral part of the local economic infrastructure, which we have a duty to promote.
For decades, we have been a meeting point and essential interlocutor for Alto Adige companies, and we strive to make an active contribution to the development of new spheres of competence for the region's economic fabric. We have a keen instinct for spotting new trends and the markets that they can generate. This is borne out by the fact that our trade fairs and conferences revolve around the spearhead of our local economy, to whose growth we contribute. Two examples say it all: apple farming and sustainable building.

As Fiera Bolzano, we are heirs of a tradition of exchanging goods and ideas across the Alpine region, that dates back centuries, if not millennia. And we are now upholding the continuity of this tradition in the bilingual, bicultural context of the Alto Adige region that straddles the Italian and German-speaking economic and production areas, by generating real opportunities to disseminate knowledge and professionalism between northern and southern Europe. And at the trade fairs that we hold outside the province – whether in central and southern Italy or in China – we become ambassadors for the Alto Adige region, and communicate our top-tier competencies to the outside world. 


 We do everything that trade fairs have always done, and that we believe they need to keep doing in the future, despite the existence of new opportunities and communication technologies: with our 30 employees, we bring together demand and supply. Simple as that. But simple as it may seem, in reality it's a highly complex task, because you need to organise things in such a way that the right exhibitors meet the right visitors, the atmosphere you create facilitates dialogue, the exchange of ideas and commercial transactions, and that the information and updating programme brings added value for the sector and puts forward new ways of tackling shared problems. At our trade fairs, more than 3,000 exhibitors meet over 230,000 visitors every year! As with any difficult task, perfection is not always achievable, but we approach every trade fair with the full force of our passion for trade fair work and by putting customers' needs first, promptly, courteously and with integrity, so that the each edition is even better than its predecessor.


Our trade fairs and conferences draw inspiration from the culture of sustainability, which includes the esteem in which we hold our personnel, and our commitment to safeguarding the environment. We want this culture of sustainability to be at the heart of all our future efforts, and to be the launch pad for new developments and new trade fair formats. We also believe that our continued success depends on designing initiatives that weigh upon neither our colleagues nor the environment. That's why we believe in the value of interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect and integrity, both internally and with customers and suppliers. Our business culture revolves around harmonious, fruitful cooperation between all our employees, from the various linguistic groups of the Alto Adige region and from other regions and countries, and we make efforts to ensure that bilingualism becomes a factor that everyone takes for granted.


Bolzano has an ancient tradition of trade fairs: the earliest evidence of trade with other Alpine regions, not only in Italy but elsewhere too, dates back to 1070. The city's geographical position and its indisputable role as a bridge between northern and southern Europe have always facilitated economic, commercial and cultural relations with neighbouring countries. The first modern trade fair - la Campionaria - was held in 1948

23 March 1998, "Hotel", a hotel and catering trade fair, marked the start of trade fair work at our new site in south Bolzano, which was officially inaugurated on 12 September 1998.
Fiera Bolzano has been a publicly listed company since 1° January 2003, and has thus come into line with the European regulations which, for some time, had required our country to review various national and regional regulations governing trade fair operators.

In the 1970s, on the back of the favourable economic climate, the Bolzano trade fair organisation embarked on a phase of development. Pressed by various categories of economic operator within the Province, the organisation's directors decided to extend the programme of trade fairs, giving rise to a series of specialised exhibitions. This period saw the launch of "Fiera Agricola", "Bolzano Hotel", "Tempo Libero" and "Ufficio-Büro". These were followed in 1983 by "Mitea" - which in 1991 became "Bauschau", a trade fair specialising in construction, earth moving, insulation and thermology - and in 1984 by "Lignomec", an exhibition specialising in woodworking products and machinery, and "Mostra d'Arte ed Antiquariato", the art and antiques show.
"Arredo", an interior design and furnishing trade fair, opened in 1992, followed by "Alpitec", specialising in Alpine and winter technology in 1997, and "Interpoma", specialising in the cultivation, conservation and commercialisation of applies, in 1998."
In 2001, it was the turn of "Prowinter", Europe's first trade fair for winter sports professionals.