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Trade fairs: an effective marketing tool

Trade fairs are some of the most effective marketing tools available, because taking part in a trade fair gives you the chance to present a tangible view of your company, strengthen its image and keep your finger on the pulse of new market trends: so they are much more than just a showcase for building up personal contacts with customers and partners, monitoring the competition and winning new business.

Fiera Bolzano organises a wide range of highly specialised, top-quality trade fairs relating to different aspects of the Alpine economy. These events have become a fixed point of reference for operators in the sectors covered. Consult our calendar and our brochure entitled "Boosting the economy".

To find out more about our trade fairs and obtain answers to any specific questions you may have, contact our team with no obligation.

Trade fairs: Your gateway to the market

Download our brochure on marketing entitled "Trade fairs: Your gateway to the market" so as to gain a clearer insight into the importance of taking part in trade fairs as a primary tool for achieving all your sales objectives.