Enhance your brand

With the right booth construction for your business

Which booth construction you choose is very important for your trade show success. Your booth needs to grab the attention of visitors, promote your products and make your brand stand out among thousands of others. Once you have booked your exhibition space, you have three options for setting up your booth. Whichever option you choose, we're here to help, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Your options:

  1. Renting a standard booth construction from Fiera Bolzano: You can choose from several solutions below without having to deal with technical or security issues. We take care of everything and you save time and money.
  2. Appoint one of our official contractors: Our official contractors are professional companies that allow you to create a highly customised booth. In this case, the constructing company will give you instructions on which technical and safety documents to produce for Fiera Bolzano. You will find the contacts at the bottom of the page.
  3. Appoint a contractor of your choice: We recommend that you always contact professional contractors. In this case too, it will be the company you choose who will advice you on which technical and safety documents to produce for Fiera Bolzano.
2 official contractors
4 standard models available
Superior discover our green model

From 42€ to 103€

The fees of our booth-constructions - per square meter and +VAT - depending on the fair.

"Became an exhibitor"

The page where you find for each exhibition the price of each booth construction (menu "For Exhibitors").


They are not included in the descriptions below. You will find them in a separate price list in your booth quotation.

Electric current

An electrical socket-panel with 3KW power is included in each model, consumption included.

And remember: if you book your booth construction at least 6 weeks before the fair starts, you can save up to 20%!






250 cm

290 cm

290 cm + 10 cm platform

300 cm






Included KW





Storage room

Company name

Wall color





Floor color





Company logo


„green“ floor solution

Upgrade available


Easy and affordable.

Our Light model is perfect for those who want a practical, cost-effective as well as professional solution. No time-consuming searches for quotes and technical approvals: we take care of everything and you save time and money.

* Only for some exhibitions available.

  • Carpet (colour predefined)
  • Walls (color white, h250 cm)
  • Two-dimensional aluminum truss (h 29 cm) with corner column
  • Led-illumination 50W (1 each 4 sqm)
  • 1 rental sign for company name (90x50 cm) for each open side - Font Union Bold  
  • 1 electrical panel with power outlet 3KW
  • Storage room 1x1m with door and keys

Did you know that our panels are 100% recyclable?

The panels used by our fitters are made from a fir tree supporting frame, a cardboard honeycomb core and two MDF (medium density fibreboard) covers, a special fireproof plywood made from recycled wood and resins. They are used dozens of times a year, with proper maintenance they can last more than 10 years and at the end of their life they are 100% recyclable.


Elegant and special.

The balance between price and quality is very often the best way to go. This booth offers everything a booth should have, with customizable wall and carpet colors and special attention to the right illumination.


  • Carpet, color customizable
  • Walls, color customizable (h290 cm)
  • Box structure (30x30 cm) with corner column
  • Led-illumination 50W (1 each 4 sqm)
  • Additional led beacons in the box frame
  • 1 rental sign for company name (200x30 cm) for each open side - Font Union Bold  
  • 1 power outlet 3KW
  • Storage room 1x1m with door, keys, dustbin and coatrack

Which colors are available?

For the walls you can choose between white, black, grey, red or green.

For your carpet you can choose between green, red, light grey, dark grey or light blue.

Did you know that an led spotlight consumes 80% less energy?

A 50W led spotlight produces roughly the same amount of light as a 400W halogen spotlight, which is equivalent to 4.000 lumens. With 35.000 hours, a led spotlights has a much longer lifespan than standard spotlights powered by halogen, which only last about 1.000 hours.Finally, led technology allows a saving in electricity consumption of 80%, making it the best choice for the environment!


For a better future.

For those who want to stand out for all the right reasons, choosing a stand construction with customizable walls and flooring is a must. A choice which by the way can also be good for the environment, if you order parquet or tile flooring instead of carpeting.


  • Walls, color customizable (h290 cm)
  • Support columns 20x40xh290cm
  • Led-illumination 50W (1 each 4 sqm)
  • 1 rental sign for company logo (90x50 cm) -  Font Union Bold  
  • 2 rental forex signs (24x290 cm) with company name
  • 1 electrical panel with power outlet 3KW
  • Storage room 1x1m with closing door, key, dustbin and coatrack
  • What about the Floor? Find out below the 4 alternatives available to you!

Floor: what alternatives are there?

  1. Only Carpet without Platform
  2. Platform (h10 cm) with Carpet 
  3. Platform with Carpet Frames 
  4. Platform with Parquet (1x1m polished Mdf-wood panels)

Which colors are available?

For the walls you can choose between white, black, grey, red, green, yellow or blue.

For your carpet you can choose between green, red, light grey, dark grey or light blue.


There is no planet b!

Did you know that carpeting is a considerable source of waste? Do the right thing. Choose on of our greener alternatives.

Here are your options:

  • Parquet: oak bright, oak classic, wengé
  • Tile flooring: polished white, lackluster white, black (100x100 cm)

Do you know what happens to our carpeting after the show?

Carpet is made of polypropylene (or polypropene, abbreviated to PP), a special type of plastic. If considered as a disposable material, it represents a major waste factor for the exhibition industry. If properly recycled, it can be reused to produce parts for the automotive industry as well as new synthetic fibres. 

Both us and our contractors always try to use it cautiously, preferring other solutions such as laminated wood, and recycling what can no longer be used. The rest of the carpet is donated to those who request it.


For those who want only the best.

The top of the range: maximum customisation in colour, front panels suspended from above, LED lighting and a magic touch with your logo on backlit fabric. The right choice to stand out and be noticed by every visitor. 

  • Carpet, color customizable
  • Walls, color customizable (h300 cm)
  • Led-illumination 100W (1 each 4 sqm)
  • 3-dimensional aluminum truss (30x30 cm), suspended
  • Logo on backlit fabric (100x100 cm, 110 cm from floor or 150x50 cm, 170 cm from floor)
  • 1 electrical panel with power outlet 3KW
  • Storage room 1x1m with door, keys, dustbin and cloakrack

Which colors are available?

For the walls you can choose any RAL-color you want, well produce it for you.

For your carpet you can choose between light green, dark green, red, light grey, dark grey, light blue or orange.


More visibility for your brand? Upgrade now!

Want something special? Add a lightbox with backlit fabric and a picture of your choice: cm 200x300 for only 604,00€ or cm 300x300 for only 732,00€! For more information contact the team of the fair you intend to attend.

Do you have more questions about the booth construction?

You can contact the Team of the exhibition you are interested in directly: contact information can be found on the exhibition pages.