Sara Abdel Masih

Hotel manager, founder Sensory Academy Management, certified NLP trainer and lecturer  

Sara Abdel Masih has gained extensive experience in the hospitality industry, from the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan and Bulgari Hotels & Resorts to becoming the general manager of two hotels. Sara is an experienced manager, lecturer, and author; in 2018, she was elected president of the Associazione Direttori Albergo Lombardia (Association of Hotel Directors of Lombardy).

She founded the Sensory Academy Management and coined the term "luxury sensory". In short, this approach emphasizes that true excellence or true luxury in hospitality lies not only in outward appearance and material comforts, but above all in the way one is received and cared for in every detail. It is the attention to every nuance of hospitality and to all the senses that transforms a pleasant experience into an unforgettable one. For Sara, therefore, human empathy is the true driving force of luxury gastronomy.

As an experienced manager and lecturer, she also engages in training future hotel managers and has received numerous awards, including the Bar Award for "Hotel Manager of the Year 2020". 

To learn more about Sara Abdel Masih, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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