Rebecca Clopath

Nature Chef, Speaker, Organic Farmer

Starting from a village in the Grisons at the age of sixteen, the young chef returned at twenty to celebrate the mountains and advocate for sustainability. The restaurant, which bears her name and is based on the family farm, intrigued the FAO, which named her a "food hero."

Rebecca about herself: I am a Swiss nature chef, speaker, entrepreneur, organic farmer, and former world cooking champion. As a nature chef, I advocate for cooking with awareness of nature. In spring and autumn, you can visit us at the Taratsch organic farm in Lohn, Grisons, for a 5-hour tasting experience with about 9 courses.

The Taratsch organic farm is the mountain organic farm of Rebecca Clopath and her family. At approximately 1,600 meters above sea level, they are committed to vibrant soils and robust animals for sustainable and future-oriented agriculture.

To learn more about Rebecca, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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