Nicola Accurso

Managing Director at 21 House of Stories

At 21 House of Stories, hospitality becomes an experience: the innovative hybrid hospitality project by Alessandro and Mauro Benetton.

His vision is to achieve outstanding results through hard work, organization, teamwork, positive thinking, and passion. He believes these values are the key to success and help us achieve our goals. A strong leader is essential to inspire the team, set clear goals to realize a vision, and have a clear path to success. 

He believes that the ability to identify and effectively solve problems is crucial for progress. Through collaboration and effective communication within the team, goals can be achieved more efficiently. Investing in employee development by coaching and supporting them to realize their full potential. 

His professional goal is to contribute to the positive development of the hospitality industry. He is determined to use his experience and commitment to bring about positive change and raise standards in the industry.

To learn more about Nicola Accurso, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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