Nadine und Tom Michelberger

Founders & owners of the Michelberger Hotel, Restaurant & Farm

Nadine and Tom Michelberger founded Michelberger, a former historical factory that was transformed into a unique hotel. It is located between Berlin's most vibrant districts, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, and is a constantly evolving collective experiment. For over a decade, Michelberger's unconventional approach to hospitality - which resembles a communal house more than a traditional hotel - has attracted a diverse mix of international guests and Berliners by promoting artistic experiments, discussions, and collaborations. 

In addition to the hotel, the Michelberger universe includes ORA restaurant, Michelberger Farm in Spreewald, the coconut water brand Fountain of Youth, and a distillery - MXPSM.

To learn more about the Michelbergers and their Hotel, visit their website. 

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