Moritz Schröder

Tech & AI enthuasist, Merantix Momentum

Abstract of the keynote:

This keynote takes you on a journey through the world of artificial intelligence, from its beginnings to its groundbreaking transformation. Discover how our view of AI must change as we develop an exciting vision for its future. Dive into inspiring success stories, including the use of AI in booking platforms and its integration into tailored "Guest Experiences & Guest Journeys" as well as pricing optimization strategies. But that's not all: learn how to make the leap from the present to the future by building a harmonious relationship between humans and AI. Through compelling case studies, such as in the hiring and recruiting process or employee development, you will learn how to unlock the full potential of AI. Finally, you will receive three practical tips to start leveraging AI's benefits in your company right away. Get ready to expand your perspective and shape the future of AI!

Moritz Schröder is a tech enthusiast and AI optimist, currently head of AI Strategy at Merantix Momentum. He holds a Masters in industrial engineering from the RWTH Aachen University and wrote his master thesis on AI based evaluation of patents, focus which laid the foundation for his own business. After a professional career in management consulting and venture capital, he is currently working with clients on the development of their AI strategies as well as furthering the global discussion on AI through ecosystems like the Merantix AI Campus and AI House Davos.

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