Michi Kern

Munich entrepreneur, restaurateur, and cultural event organizer

Michi Kern has opened more than 30 venues in Munich over the past 25 years, including many cult addresses. He has shaped and continues to shape the cultural and party life of the Bavarian capital, surprising with unexpected and social interim uses.

About himself, he says today:

My name is Michi Kern and I create free spaces: Because only where there is space can something creative happen. Whether Lovelace, Fat Cat, or Neuperland: Our projects (mostly) aren't about making money but about making the world a little better.

I've abdicated as party king; but nightlife and gastronomy were the best school for life. During the "maker years", we opened legendary clubs and closed others. Basically, I only do what I personally like and don't listen to the old hands. With yoga, I've shaped my body; with philosophy studies, my mind. I never get bored anyway, and when the kids leave home, I want to get back into the party life.

To learn more about Michi, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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