Julius Brantner

Master baker

The native of the Black Forest opened his first transparent organic bakery in Munich in April 2019. Before that, he gained experience at many international bakeries. His credo: to produce gourmet products of organic quality, based on the tradition of craftsmanship, harmony with nature, and the patient handling of all organic raw materials.

Foto credits: Kathrin Koschitzki

In the meantime, the team at Julius Brantner Brothandwerk has grown to over 50 employees. For Julius, it is extremely important to preserve the original methods and the art of craftsmanship. He passes on traditional knowledge to his apprentices, which is no longer taught at schools. Julius has no problems finding staff. He inspires enthusiasm for the craft, which may also be due to the stylish and aesthetic design of his two transparent organic bakeries. He is also active on social media, thus reaching younger target groups. Julius Brantner has recognized that his employees are the most important resource in the company and has thus sustainably changed the view of the baking craft.


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