Ingrid Mocatti

Chef and Hostess at Hotel Gasthof Zum Hirschen

Ingrid Mocatti on her philosophy in the Cervo Kitchen at Hotel Gasthof Zum Hirschen:

“The philosophy of our Cervo Kitchen integrates the spirit of the place, the genius loci, by reflecting the historical pilgrimage site of Our Lady in the Forest as a spiritual power place through the integration of the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen and the principles of Herbalist Weidinger in our dishes and rituals, by valuing and respecting our mountain environment, incorporating the flavors and essences of the forest and mountain meadows, as well as the local agricultural products of our producers according to Carlo Pietrini’s Slow Food principles of ‘Good, Clean, and Fair’ and seasonal menus.

By making the surrounding natural landscape, as well as the linguistic and cultural border at Nonsberg, tangible for the guest through dishes and gastronomic offers in the form of Dandelion Weeks, Forest and Meadow Weeks, and Radicchio Days, and by continuing South Tyrolean hospitality as a traditional family business with our personal commitment in our historic house. Thus, CERVO culinary art is part of the overall experience at Zum Hirschen and enables the guest to consciously engage with the philosophy of the house, the history of the place, and the producers of the area.”

To learn more about Ingrid and her kitchen, visit her website.

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