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Service, Competence and Economic Structure

The team at the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center is particularly service-oriented, offering a swift, reliable, and individual response to the needs and wishes of its clients. Exhibitors at the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center appreciate the attractive cost-benefit relationship when participating in a tradeshow. That is confirmed by the large numbers of repeat exhibitors. The Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center provides comprehensive service support for its clients in their tradeshow activities. Targeted advertising and intensive work both with the press and in the social media ensure that the tradeshow is kept constantly in the limelight of a broad-reaching public.


The tradeshows and conferences are concentrated on topics relating to the economies of Alpine countries. There is thus a great focus on tradeshow subjects within the economic competence of South Tyrol and Trentino. The main focuses of dining and leisure time, sports, agriculture, and specific Alpine industries attract an annual total of over 2,000 exhibitors and some 230,000 visitors from all over Europe.

Economic Structure
The region of Trentino-South Tyrol is home to a total of 60,000 industrial and commercial companies, handicraft operations, service providers, and hotel and dining structures. In Bolzano’s immediate area of penetration in the area of the Alps and Northern Italy, that figure grows to around 200,000.