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The Award dedicated to the best-selling and innovative products is back with exciting news

  • Creating space for innovation and quality is the foundation for market recovery. In 2023, the Prowinter Award "Retail" was specifically created to give prominence to the new retail aspect of Prowinter. 
  • While last year's award focused on alpine skis and boots, in the second edition in 2024, the categories have been expanded. The fair offered a preview of the best models of alpine skis, all-mountain skis, and ski-mountaineering boots for the 2024/25 season.
  • A jury of 6 experts selected the 18 finalists and the 6 winners, you find the list below.


6 jurors
6 categories
6 winners

1. Category On-Piste Boots - Rossignol VIZION 4B Elite 130LV GW

Motivation of the jury

A completely new boot that brings the innovation of easy entry and exit without using your hands, while still retaining the four buckles that are appreciated by skiers. It also features a variety of useful and interesting technical features that improve performance on the slopes.

2. Category On-Piste Ski - Head Supershape E-speed

Motivation of the jury

The Head Supershape E-speed uses advanced technologies to make an already very successful ski even more suitable for skiers of all levels. In addition, the attractive graphics and blue color have also proven to be a major reason for purchase in recent seasons.

3. Category All Mountain Ski Boots - K2 Mindbender 125 W BOA

Motivation of the jury

This boot represents the complete acceptance of BOA on the boot: the strong innovation of the double BOA, both in the liner and the shell, is combined with a sophisticated aesthetic that is highly appreciated by the public.

4. Category All Mountain Ski - SALOMON Stance 90

Motivation of the jury

The Salomon Stance 90 meets the criteria of an all-mountain ski that is used primarily on the slopes under very variable snow conditions. This versatility is in line with the needs of all-mountain skiers.

5. Category Ski Mountaineering Ski Boots - Tecnica Zero_G_Tour_Pro

Motivation of the jury

The Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro is a lightweight boot that still delivers good performance even in extreme descents. The boot demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the reuse of materials.

6. Category Ski Mountaineering Ski - Ski Trab NEVE 104

Motivation of the jury

The Ski Trab Neve 104 represents a moment of innovation not only for ski touring, thanks to technical and sustainability innovations. It also represents an innovation for the parent company, which looks to the future in search of a new audience, reflecting the canons of the new generation of ski tourers.

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1. Category On-Piste Ski Boots

2. Category On-Piste Ski

3. Category All Mountain Ski Boots

4. Category All Mountain Ski

5. Category Ski Mountaineering Ski Boots

6. Category Ski Mountaineering Ski

  • The winners of the Award receive a dedicated visibility package as a prize (inclusion in a dedicated press release, an article on the official Prowinter website, newsletter launch, and dedicated posts and stories on the fair's social media channels).
  • Participation is reserved for Prowinter exhibitors.
  • To evaluate the products comprehensively, the jury has adopted four criteria for judging in each category:


The design, and consequently the appearance and aesthetics of the ski or boot, are known to be strong purchasing motivations.


The technologies that drive the product towards the future and foster better performance.


The set of values that make the product more appealing to the public and more marketable for the retailer.


Presentation of the idea behind the product and the message to be conveyed to connect with the consumer.