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Why participate?

  • Prowinter is the only exhibition in Italy dedicated to the retail and rental of winter sports equipment.
  • Snow professionals come here to get informed about news and products. They exchange information and prepare for the upcoming season.
  • During 3 days Prowinter will showcase numerous exhibition-booths representing over 200 brands.
  • The fair takes place in Halls C and D, covering a total area of 11,000 square meters.
200 brands
3.000 visitors
1 Prowinter Award "Retail"
1 snow test

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Visitors business 2023

Geographical origin of visitors 2023

Area fees Prowinter 2024

Single amount

€ 295

Participation fee

Amount per m²

€ 83/m²

Free area from 0 to 50m²

Amount per m²

€ 44/m²

Free area from 51 m² to 199 m²

Amount per m²

€ 10/m²

Free area over 200m²


Fees quoted here are without VAT.

Booth construction fees Prowinter 2024

  • Prowinter offers the opportunity to order a prefitted booth (in addition to the area price).
  • The deadline for the order is Monday, 04 December 2023.
  • Fees quoted here are without VAT.


Amount per m²

€ 44/m²

Booth construction Light

Pease note: for the "Light"-pre-fitted booth only at Prowinter the panels are 290cm high instead of the standard (250cm).

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