Brunella Morandi is associate Professor and tree ecophysiology lecturer at the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Bologna. She is also coordinator of the Master Degree on Agricultural Sciences and Technologies offered by the University of Bologna. PhD in fruit orchard management (since 2006) she is author of more than 60 publications in international referenced journals. Chair of the EUFRIN Working Group on “Water Relations and Irrigation” and co-chair of the Irrigation Working Group of the Italian Society of Horticultural Science (SOI), she has been member of the EIP-Agri Focus Group on “Water & Agriculture”. 

Her research deals with plant-environment relationships, focusing on crops such as cherry, kiwifruit, apple, peach and pear, with the aim to develop new strategies to improve water use efficiency, while maintaining production quality and yields, in conditions of water scarcity and climate change.