19 — 21.11.2020

Interpoma 2020

126Days 19Hours 12Minute

Bolzano - the new Big Apple

What is Interpoma? This question seems to be easily answered: Interpoma is the only trade show in the world dedicated exclusively to the world of apples, from production to storage and up to marketing. And yet it is much more than that, like every trade show worthy of the name in this day and age: Interpoma is a platform that brings together apple experts from all over the world with their ideas, products, technologies, projects and innovative solutions.

And why is all this happening in Bolzano/South Tyrol (I)? Why far away from the big trade show cities? What may seem unusual at first glance, is really due to of the aces that we got up our sleeves: The strong roots of the industry in the territory, the connection to those people who have been growing apples in South Tyrol for centuries with great success. After all, South Tyrol, with its 18,400 hectares of cultivable land, is the largest closed apple-growing area in Europe and one of the most important in the world. It is from this hub of know-how that Interpoma was born, initiated and supported by strong partners from the industry.

What does Interpoma offer? An internationally renowned, top-class specialized congress, tours to top-notch breeding, growing and storing facilities, awards scouting and awarding the most innovative projects from all over the world... But mostly, Interpoma offers what any trade show should strive to offer: a direct link to over 500 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors and experts from over 70 countries with their unique experiences.

See you soon at Interpoma - we look forward to being your host!

3 Days
20.000 Visitors from all over the world
490 Exhibiting key players
100 International journalists

Together for FieraMesse restart

Our trade shows live above all on satisfied partners, exhibitors and visitors. We are aware that this year's autumn trade shows are in a challenging environment and have therefore developed a safety protocol to ensure that our events are held in complete safety. We believe that, right now, it is important to give a signal of confidence because, as a Chinese proverb says: "When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others build windmills". Let us build windmills together.

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Gerhard Dichgans

The biggest challenge in the future is going to be the relationship between agriculture and society. There is many a misunderstanding - we need to recreate a link of communication between the two.

Gerhard Dichgans

Coordinator Interpoma Congress
Highlight 2020
19 — 20.11.2020
MEC Meeting & Event Center Südtirol Alto Adige

Interpoma Congress

Three sessions with a central theme each: producer vs. consumer, climate change as a challenge and opportunity for agriculture and varietal innovation in the US market.
Interpoma Congress

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