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Interpoma Connects 2020

Interpoma Business Match

Are you working in the global apple economy? Would you like to connect with potential buyers, suppliers and future business partners?   On November 19th and 20th 2020 all of you got your chance! Interpoma Connects, the Digital Days for the Apple Economy presented Interpoma Business Match, an exclusive online matchmaking event in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano and the EEN Enterprise Europe Network!

During short online meetings between supply and demand, approximately 20 minutes long, all participants were able to network with the global industry from the comfort of their own home. A truly unique opportunity to sell products and services, get to know new people and discover the latest trends in the apple sector.

250 + Companies
37 Countries
1 Fruit: the apple

Too late... Registrations are closed, the matches are over!

But feel free to have a look anyway and discover who participated in this year's Interpoma Business Match.

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