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The world's only trade show on the apple supply chain, from the tree to the consumer

Interpoma is our international trade show all around the apple economy. In fact, it is the only event on a global level that focuses solely on the fruit of Adam and Eve! Every two years, it presents the entire process chain from the cultivation and storage of apples, right up to the marketing, attracting thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

But Interpoma is far more than a showcase for products and services: it is about sharing opinions, industry buzz, research and innovation insights, and in particular about creating networks to the global apple sector.

Join Interpoma as an exhibtior, and become part of this unique apple community today!

16.000 specialized visitors from 70 countries*
98% will return in 2024
490 exhibitors*
100 international journalists*

* survey Interpoma 2022

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Interpoma is THE occasion to:

  • Present your innovations to the international apple economy
  • Meet potential new clients from 70 countries – live and in person
  • Invite your existing customers to keep up with them
  • Groom your company image and market positioning
  • Participate in business matches and buyer programs
  • Follow the event program to stay up to date on global trends

The trade show

  • 25.000 m2 exhibition
  • 490 exhibitors
  • 100 international journalists
  • 50 events in 3 days, among which:
  • 2 days of Interpoma Congress with over 800 participants
  • 10 Interpoma Tours to the most innovative players of the country

The visitors

  • 16.000 visitors from 70 countries
  • 48.8% from Trentino-South Tyrol
  • 31.65% from other italian regions
  • 19.55% from abroad, among which:
    • 7.32% from the DACH-region
    • 12.23% from all over the globe
    • +47 NPS (Net Promoter Score) visitor satisfaction
    • 98% will be back in 2024

    *Survey Interpoma 2022

    The sectors

    • Machinery, materials, and tools for cultivation
    • Harvesting machines, materials and tools
    • Fruit sorting and processing equipment
    • Tractors and transport equipment
    • Nurseries and nursery equipment
    • Products for plant protection
    • Packaging
    • Storage and controlled atmosphere
    • Hail protection systems
    • Frost protection and irrigation
    • Software & marketing
    • Research and development, consulting

    Do you own a cutting-edge technological innovation?

    Would you like to present it at Interpoma? Let us know and become one of the Fair's highlights.

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    William Connell-Smith

    William Connell-Smith


    Interpoma is very international: we made contact with visitors from all over Europe and the world such as the US, Canada and Australia.

    William Connell-Smith

    Walter Windegger

    Walter Windegger

    Windegger Maschinen

    We've been working toward this appearance for a year - after all, apples are grown just about everywhere in the world, and attendance was correspondingly high.

    Walter Windegger

    Windegger Maschinen
    Rik Klein

    Rik Klein


    It is a very good exhibition, many visitors not only from Europe but also outside of Europe. We as a company need these non-European contacts.

    Rik Klein

    Sebastian Stocker

    Sebastian Stocker

    Stocker Maschinenbau

    Interpoma was a real success! We presented ourselves in a completely new way and the result exceeded our expectations by 300%.

    Sebastian Stocker

    Stocker Maschinenbau
    Gabriele Gessi

    Gabriele Gessi


    We're very pleased with our presence at the show because we reconnected with a lot of people who have been hard to reach over the past four years.

    Gabriele Gessi


    a. Raw space prices Interpoma 2024

    One-time amount

    € 350

    Participation fee

    Amount per m²

    € 108/m²

    Raw space up to 50m²

    Amount per m²

    € 82/m²

    Raw space starting from 51m²

    Surcharge 2 open sides

    € 100

    One-time amount

    Surcharge 3 open sides

    € 170

    One-time amount

    Surcharge 4 open sides

    € 300

    One-time amount

    The prices given here are all without VAT.

    b. Booth construction prices

    Reduced price

    € 46/m²

    Booth construction Light

    For reservations made from the sixth week before the start of the trade show, the price is 55 €/m².

    Reduced price

    € 63/m²

    Booth construction Medium

    For reservations made from the sixth week before the start of the trade show,  the price is 76 €/m².

    Reduced price (different models available)

    from € 70 to € 80/m²

    Booth construction Superior

    For reservations made from the sixth week before the start of the trade show, the price is from 84 €/m² depending on the model.

    Reduced price

    € 86/m²

    Booth construction Premium

    For reservations made from the sixth week before the start of the trade show, the price is 103 €/m².

    Fees quoted here includes a 3KW power connection consumption included and are without VAT.

    Here come our booth construction options!

    Discover all the types of pre-fitted booth you can request from our team. All customisable, of course!

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