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If it has been invented, you'll find it here

When we first talked about creating a trade show solely focused on apples, in the beginning many thought we had lost our minds. They told us that holding an apple trade show could never work, that we would never be able to fill our exhibition halls with content interesting enough to attract visitors. Moreover, so they said, holding it in the middle of one of the key playing apple territories in Europe would be like introducing ice cream machines to the North Pole.

Obviously, we did not listen to them.

Interpoma has now established itself as the central platform for the global apple industry, where every key player on this planet is striving to exhibit. Specialization, initially portrayed as our weakness, has become our core strength. Every two years, our complete exhibition offering as well as our targeted event program attract more than 20.000 experts looking to find out about the latest trends the apple industry. Given the fact that we have only a little over 25.000 square meters of exhibition area at our disposal, this means you'll bump into an apple expert every two steps or so.

That's where you come in: are you working in the global apple industry? No matter if you're a grower, if you're working in research, in packaging or if you are a marketer: Come join us for the next edition of Interpoma, below you'll find everything you need to know about planning your stay.