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Statements Interpoma China 2018

Kees Biemans, General Manager of Verbeek: “China’s market is huge and it is a developing market for new systems. It will take few years for Chinese growers to realize the importance of good quality of trees and good technical support, like the upgrade we made 25 years ago in Europe. Like Interpoma in Bolzano, in China we also need a specialized exhibition, a meeting point, a conference point. Interpoma China is undertaking this now in order to achieve a critical mass.” 

Roberto Beccegato, Service and Business Manager of Carraro: “The Chinese market for this type of machinery is still immature, but there is demand. We want to be here and we think that in the next four or five years there will be a good development of this sector and it would be a pity to lose this train. Interpoma is an opportunity to be present and let people know about our products. Shanghai is an important location and all the companies and even the big owners of orchards see this city as a very important meeting point for their activities, including the cultivation part”.

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Their answers pointed out many different aspects of what a platform like Interpoma China could do for businesses from the global apple sector: It would not only offer the possibility to sell products, but also to gather valuable contacts, forge new business relationships in order to gain entry into a new market, and even open dialogs between China and the rest of the world. Interested in seizing these opportunities? 

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