Studies and research on the Italian rental by Prowinter Lab
09/04 - 11/04/2019
09.00 - 17.00
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Studies & Research

Prowinter Lab started in November 2016 with the creation of a first database of the Italian ski rental sector. Starting from an estimate of about 1,000 rental shops, all information available online and offline has been systematically checked in order to verify, update and confirm the data.

The first results were presented at Prowinter 2017: a total of 847 rentals are spread across 19 Italian regions, most of them are located in South Tyrol (23%), followed by Trentino (18%), Piedmont (14%), Lombardy (13%), Veneto (8%) and Aosta (8%).

From April until today, we have been observing a gradual and predictable shift: initially, the mixed form (shop + rental) was in the majority (approximately 45%), while the pure rentals followed at 41.5%. At the beginning of the new ski season, it is the opposite way around: the pure rentals (43%) are now ahead of the mixed form (42.5%). The ski schools with rental activity reach 8.7% and other forms (ski lifts, hotel) are 5.8% of the total rentals in Italy.

This data confirms a trend we have already noticed in the ski “hardware” sector (ski+boots) for some time now: sales are losing ground, as rental seems to become the preferred solution for more and more skiers in Italy.

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