The finalists of the Prowinter Startup Village
07/04 - 09/04/2020
09.00 - 18.00
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Meet the 8 finalists of the Prowinter Startup Village 2019


ALPN delivers products and experiences for ski rentals and resorts that want to offer their guests unique, fun and innovative activities. U-Sleds is the original summer sled that contains the essence of sleding without snow! TRUE SUMMER SLEDDING, with an intuitive control.


Bobsla, invents, produces and offers new and unique electric snow vehicles for unlimited fun on snow. For ski resorts, hotels or events. The Bobsla snowmobile delivers a great WOW effect thanks to fast acceleration in all snow conditions and precise, easy control. Similar to a go-kart in the snow, Bobsla offers fun for everyone.


ClimbStation is an innovative automated climbing structure, packed with programs that meet the expectations of the curious to the most demanding enthusiast. Whether inside or outside, ClimbStation offers pure climbing feeling in absolute safety. ClimbStation is the perfect training tool and provides safe climbing fun for hotel guests, fitness enthusiasts and children. ClimbStation - Built for the people who love climbing.


Snowbike, born with the aim to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves on the ski slopes. Families, children and the elderly: anyone can get on a SNOWBIKE and have fun on and of the slopes in complete safety! Passion, fun and technology in an intuitive and easy-to-ride way.


Snowfeet, are very short skis, slightly longer than ski boots. Alpine skiing with snowfeet is a combination of skiing and skating. It is essentially a new winter sport, which could also be called snow skateing. It can be used both on and off the slopes. The main advantage for the customers is the fun with which they use Snowfeet as well as the quick learning of the sport.


Snowfoot is a revolutionary new product that brings snowshoes up to the vertical, redefining limits on how high and  far a person can get with a single tool. Snowfoot is the first snowshoe designed specifically for the alpine terrain. It is compact, lightweight and ergonomic. Made in Italy with patented technology and high quality materials, Snowfoot meets the most demanding mountaineering  goals.


SnowVision is a company that offers custom optical snow goggles. Thanks to its shape almost any strength of glasses can be built into the product. This essentially results in less fogging of the glasses, which is one of the main problems for people wearing eye glasses under the mask. The outer lens of the snow goggles is coated with a photochromic material that is perfect for all weather conditions.


SOGGLE not only protects the ski goggle itself, but work also as a cleaning cloth for the mask. It is at most an expression of a unique and individual style and even serves as an advertising space for different brands in the ski areas! The use of SOGGLE is varied and practically always useful, except during the ski itself: USE ANYTIME EXCEPT DURING SKIING.