Prowinter's Know-How
07/04 - 09/04/2020
09.00 - 18.00
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South Tyrol is one of the few regions worldwide that presents ideal conditions for the successful development and growth of businesses working on and around mountains. Creativity and spirit for innovation are the key factors that have led the region to distinguish itself as a world renowned touristic mountain destination and become one of the most important birthplaces for key players from the mountain sports sector.

The numbers of the South Tyrolean mountain industry in fact tell a tale of pure success:

  • 45 ski resorts (you've got to admit - given that South Tyrol has only a little over 7.000 square km, that is a pretty large number)
  • 1.180 km slopes, over 90% of which are equipped with artificial snow making systems
  • 400 ropeways and lifts, which are able to carry half a million people in one hour
  • 2.3 million winter tourists with more than 11 million overnight stays a year
  • 62 ski schools and 2.200 ski instructors, which makes up for 0,05% of the entire South Tyrolean population

It is right in the heart of this region – in beautiful Bolzano - that Prowinter has been the central networking platform for national and international operators of the mountain industry for more than a decade, focusing on the rental of mountain sports equipment.

Its success is fueled not only by its ideal location in the alpine region but also by the intuition demonstrated towards the international development: The rental of winter and summer mountain sports equipment is on the rise all over Europe - France is undoubtedly leading the field with well over 70% of all winter guests receiving their skiing equipment over rentals, while in South Tyrol around half of all skiers get their skis at rental shops. Prowinter has been adapting to the newly emerging needs of the sector and has once more established itself as a valuable meeting point for the discussion of the future prospects for rental in the world of mountain sports.