Start-up Village: A heart for innovation in winter sports
07/04 - 09/04/2020
09.00 - 18.00
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Start-up Village: A heart for innovation in winter sports

Prowinter - B2B Days for Snow, Rental and Innovation - is once again on the lookout for innovative products and projects for winter sports with the Prowinter Startup Village. During the trade show, which will take place from 09 - 11 April 2019 at the Fiera Bolzano Exhibition Centre, five young companies will have the opportunity to present their promising ideas to the jury and the public. Applications can be submitted up to 28 February 2019 at

The world of winter sports and mountaineering is constantly changing as a result of the development of new technologies and materials; innovative products often provide impetus for the entire sector. To keep its finger on the pulse when it comes to innovations, Prowinter launched the first Startup Village in 2016 – a competition exclusively dedicated to young entrepreneurs and their projects. 

Prowinter 2019 offers young companies this opportunity again. Startups can apply to participate in the Startup Village in three different categories of innovations: Services or products for rental services, products for mountaineering itself, i.e. clothing, equipment, as well as technology and innovative solutions for mountain tourism. 

The five selected start-ups will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of potential customers during the three days of Prowinter and present their projects on the main stage of the trade show. At the end of the presentations, the expert jury will select two winners who will be awarded a booth at Prowinter 2020. This will make it easier for them to gain a foothold in the industry. The Prowinter Startup Village is organised by Fiera Bolzano in cooperation with WhatAventure, with Plank and Brennercom as partners. 

At the Prowinter Startup Village 2018, the Icelandic company Hallas was one of the winners with an innovative first-aid stretcher lighter than conventional models. In addition, they can be folded up, making their use on the mountain and in difficult terrain much easier. 

Together with Hallas, the German company Bluebird Mountain also received the award for the innovative PowderBuddy: A product for skiers, snowboarders and anyone who moves in potentially avalanche-prone areas. PowderBuddy is a foldable drone that is carried in a launch tube on the backpack. In case of danger, the user pulls a rip cord, PowderBuddy is catapulted out of the tube, the drone unfolds and is visible from afar above the avalanche.