Second Ski Rental Summit by Prowinter Lab
07/04 - 09/04/2020
09.00 - 18.00
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Second Ski Rental Summit by Prowinter Lab


Prowinter, the trade show for winter sports, will take place for the 19th time at the Bolzano Exhibition Centre from 09 - 11 April 2019. The second Ski Rental Summit by Prowinter Lab will focus on the rental sector, which continues to grow strongly. The Prowinter Lab, coordinated by Alfredo Tradati, offers a meaningful snapshot of the sector.


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The second edition of the Ski Rental Summit during Prowinter 2019 promises to be exciting: The latest numbers of the Prowinter Lab will be presented! The research project, coordinated by Alfredo Tradati, uses systematic telephone interviews with rental companies to find out about in which direction the sector is moving. The results show that more than half of the skiers on the Italian pistes now use ski and winter sports equipment from rental companies. "The exponential growth of ski rentals is in line with this trend," says Tradati. "Last winter we counted 851 ski rental companies, but this figure is growing strongly. There is no turning back in this development."

Another result of Tradati's research: customers expect more and more quality in products and services, but above all in service. Many would like a kind of all-round service with tips on the most attractive slopes or the best après-ski huts. After all, ski rental is often the first contact after the arrival of the winter tourist in his winter sports resort and therefore acts as a representative of the entire winter sports destination, no longer just as a supplier of equipment.

This is also confirmed by Angelo Vallé, a passionate ski instructor and operator of the Sport2000rent ski rental Sportcenter in Breuil Cervinia in the Valle d'Aosta. "We are usually open from 1 November to 5 May, subject to good snow conditions," explains Vallé. Its rental offers all the equipment you need for winter sports, whether skiing to ski touring, telemarking, snowboarding or snowshoeing. "In addition to the actual equipment, we also offer a wide range of services: For example, if a skier brings his own skis for maintenance, we deliver a pair of replacement skis - like the courtesy car you get from your mechanic".

Thanks to his experience as a ski instructor, Vallé is not only behind the counter. "We also organise day trips for skiers, ski tourers and snowshoe hikers: Our mountains are a true paradise, both in summer and winter. We want to make this paradise accessible to our customers and offer them experiences and insights that would otherwise remain closed to them without any knowledge of the place or the language". His company has customers from all over Europe, recently mostly from Scandinavia, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Last year, Tradati estimates that the rental sector lent over 100,000 pairs of skis throughout Italy. The fact that a total of 177,000 skis were sold in Italy in the same period (FESI data) shows how important this phenomenon has become. Rental is now an important parameter for winter tourists in evaluating their tourist experience. In the future, Tradati goes on to say, it will therefore be necessary to rely on greater cooperation between all the players involved - tour operators, rental companies, cable car operators, hoteliers, tourism associations - in order to jointly put together an all-round attractive offer for winter tourists.