The world of ski rentals at Fiera Bolzano
07/04 - 09/04/2020
09.00 - 18.00
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The world of ski rentals at Fiera Bolzano

Prowinter, the trade show specialized in winter sports, has reached its 19th edition, taking place from April 9 – 11, 2019 at Fiera Bolzano. With “rental” as its key topic and the second Ski Rental Summit coming up, this B2B event focusses successfully on the general development of the Italian winter sports sector.

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The freshly fallen snow did not come as a surprise for those involved in and living of winter tourism. No matter if it comes to producers, sporting goods stores or the steadily growing number of rental shops, the entire world of winter sports is already ready and eager for a new and exciting winter season! However, one counts the chickens when they hatch – and Italy’s winter sports industry tends to do that at Prowinter, Fiera Bolzano’s B2B trade show dedicated to winter sports, which is going to take place from April 9 – 11, 2019.

Every year during Prowinter, South Tyrol’s capital turns into a hotspot for snow lovers to network, do business and take stock over the past season. However, the declared focus of the event is, as usual, the rental business:

«The continuous growth of the sports rental sector all over Italy proves that we chose the right key topic for our show. We are proud to be considered as a point of reference for the analysis and the development of this very special industry,» says Vera Pöhl, Exhibition Manager of Prowinter. This clear vision is without a doubt Prowinter’s key to success: «According to recent studies, up to 60% of all active skiers use the services of rental shops in winter. This phenomenon must not be underestimated and there is a strong need for more and continuous research.» concludes Vera Pöhl.

The study she refers to was published in the context of an ongoing project called Prowinter Lab, the independent observatory on the Italian sports rental market. Founded by Fiera Bolzano in 2017 and coordinated by Alfredo Tradati, it also gave life to the first Ski Rental Summit in 2018. «The business of rentals has gone in a very clear direction: it has grown massively during the past winter seasons. Now it is vital that rental shop owners, producers, ski area managers and operators from the entire sector of winter tourism strive for continuous communication in order to improve the quality for their clients and guests. For this reason, Prowinter is going to host a Ski Rental Summit also in 2019.» says Tradati.

Mountains in 360 degrees!

Prowinter is not only dealing with ski rental shops, but is at the same time a platform for more than 200 producers and their 6,000 potential clients from sporting goods stores, ski schools and ski resorts from all over Italy. The event offers three days of exhibition, information and networking opportunities, but it is also a perfect frame to conclude and celebrate the past winter season. Each year, numerous ceremonies take place inside Prowinter, awarding professional athletes and world stars as well as young talents, next to all newly certified ski instructors. Ample space inside the exhibition and accompanying program is also is given to startups and fledging companies, which are yet to make their mark on the winter sport sector.