The most epic battle of innovation in the apple economy

Interpoma Future Hub 2020

The Interpoma Startup Award

Interpoma Connects 2020 hosted the Interpoma Startup Award, the most epic contest of innovation in the global apple economy. This award featured various pitching sessions at the end of which a selected jury of investors and stakeholders awarded the best and most innovative startup of the industry.

13 contestants have been chosen for this year's Award, 11 pitches have been presented to the jury, but the winner is only one: Congrats to Pixofarm, can't wait to see you in Bolzano at Interpoma 2021!

13 Startups
90 Minutes
1 Epic battle
1 Award

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The mobile app for your orchards

Pixofarm is the mobile app to get the best out of your orchards. By taking pictures of a certain number of apples, you get real-time information on the fruit status and predictions on your final outcomes, having an ongoing control and better marketing and sales strategies. This AI technology combines with 30 years of academic research, to provide precise and actionable results. After a beta test in the Southern Hemisphere, starting from 2020, Pixofarm successfully entered the UE market.

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Managing farms digitally

xFarm is a startup that aims at the digitization of agriculture, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and food supply chain's stakeholders in the management of their companies. Created by farmers and tailored to the agricultural sector, its main focus is on ease of use, intuitiveness and complete adaptability to agricultural realities. The digital ecosystem includes an agricultural application, a dashboard Analytics and a line of IoT sensors. Since their last appearance at Interpoma 2018, their offer has expanded, going from the basic version to a real digital suite that supports farmers in the management of their farm at all levels.

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Wireless micro-climate sensors

Agranimo manufactures real-time wireless micro-climate sensors and provides a data analysis and visualisation platform to increase farm productivity and climate adaptation of the food supply chain.

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Smart irrigation from South Tyrol

ODIS is a young startup company from South-Tyrol developing and commercializing innovative solutions for the smart irrigation and agriculture market. They offer maintainance-free, battery powered sensor and control devices which allow remote control and monitoring from the smartphone. Our solution provides all the information and utility to optimize irrigation and secure optimal results from afar, saving time and worries for farmers.

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South Agro

Biostimulants from seaweed

South Agro produces biostimulants obtained by seaweed extracts to improve the quality and quantity of crops thanks to an increase of plant resistence to climatic stresses.

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Intelligent electronic insect traps

Trapview is a pest insect monitoring and forecasting platform developed by a Slovenian company Efos. Automated electronic traps enable efficient, nearly maintenance free monitoring of pest insects. Advanced artificial intelligence based processing of trap data assists customers to get accurate and real-time understanding of pest population dynamics as well as forecast of pest development stages in a specific area. This positions Trapview as key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of crop protection.

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Bio Logik Systems

Green management solutions for agricultural residues

BioLogik-Systems has developed and patented a technology that works according to the principle of circular economy and allows to recycle nutrients in form of compost and produce heat energy without any combustion. So, the technology is a user friendly, aesthetic, economic and ecologic management solution for agriculture woody residues. The start-up is positioned among the pioneers of compost heat recovery systems creating a turnkey ideal solution for fruit, grape and olives cultivation.

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The full service crop management platform

As a full service crop management platform, Semios provides real-time crop data and pest management tools for growers of tree fruit, nut and vine crops & helps farmers manage insect pests, disease, frost & irrigation. Its powerful wireless network of in-canopy sensors, variable-rate pheromone dispensers, & camera traps with automated pest counts gives growers the tools to predict & respond to insect, disease, & tree health conditions in real-time. This full-service solution includes installation, monitoring, maintenance & dedicated in-person support. Semios is expanding into the EU this season - first Italy, then Spain and France.

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The robotic monitoring system

Agroboticas new invention is called SpyFly, a robotic monitoring system that help farmer to real time monitor their crops while reducing their presence in the field. Each SpyFly trap is independently powered by solar panels and, besides attracting, capturing and recognizing harmful insects, is able to collect a series of atmospheric data which, once correlated with the recorded attack phenomena, are able to create behavioural and predictive models. In 2020 SpyFly reached the pre industrial stage, one of their first clients was Melinda.

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Smart agricultural irrigation

BrioAgro is a smart agricultural irrigation company.

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Against point pollution in a sustainable manner

Point pollution of surface and groundwater from plant protection products is a serious problem. Numerous studies have shown that one of the main sources of point pollution is the washing of sprayers and tractors when it’s done in an unsuitable manner. Agrin is a system that can solve this problem in a sustainable way.

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Optical spectroscopic sensor solutions

Senorics is a high-tech spin-off from the University of Technology Dresden (TUD) specialized in designing and manufacturing optical spectroscopic sensor solutions for mass market applications. With their technology, material sensing is becoming easy and affordable - like the GPS back in the 1990s. This is what they’re working on: incorporate spectroscopy into people’s daily life. Their latest use case summaries are about how our technology enables apple producers and distributors to determine the ideal harvest window and the ideal ripeness of their apples.

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Fresh Agriculture Technologies

An app to predict pests and diseases 

Fresh Agriculture Technologies developed the first AI-powered digital agronomy consultant MapMyApple. MapMyApple helps small and medium size apple growers to predict pests and diseases on time (7 days in advance) and to save money by optimising the number of spraying activities. MapMyApple is available on the market trough Google Play and Apple store. At present Cornell University is working on validating this solution on the US market US and the Western Balkans.

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