Interpoma meets gin meets pure lifestyle

Interpoma & Roner present

The new Interpoma Cocktail by Max Morandi

Lime juice, mint leaves, hibiscus tea and of course the KIKU Apple Gin - this is the new Interpoma Cocktail created by Max Morandi. Besides being perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter season, it is also sustainable, regional and of course tasty. Have a look and if you like: have a taste!


40 ml KIKU Apple Gin
20 ml lime juice
10 ml sugar syrup
120 ml hibiscus herbal tea


40 ml (1 part) KIKU Apple Gin
20 ml (1/2 part) lime juice
Mint leaves
10 ml (1/4 part) sugar syrup
120 ml (3 part) hibiscus herbal tea 



Cool and gas the hibiscus herbal tea. Squeeze half a lime and mix it with  the KIKU Apple Gin, add the mint leaves and slowly pour the mixture into the sweetened hibiscus tea. 

Served with: 

Ice cubes
Mint leaves
White wine glas

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