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2 days
13 top speaker
+300 minutes

New dynamics in the US apple industry

An in-depth look at current and emerging changes in U.S. apple production from the perspective of the farmer, variety breeder, trader, and researcher and consultant, chaired by Gerhard Dichgans. Speakers included Tim Welsh of Columbia Fruit Packers, Susan Brown of Horticulture and Plant Breeding Sections Cornell AgriTech, Tom Barnes of Category Partners, LLC, and Stefano Musacchi of Washington State University.

Interpoma Congress Day 1

New dynamics in the US apple industry


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Track list

Walter Guerra: Welcome.

Gerhard Dichgans: Introduction. Rise and fall of Red Delicious

Tim Welsh: Change or Be Changed!

Susan Brown: Apple breeding and marketing in the US

Tom Barnes: U.S. Apple Retail and Consumer Dynamics

Stefano Musacchi: Innovations through R&D and Extension

Round Table and questions from the floor

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Robotic harvest

The world's leading apple harvesting robot manufacturers speak, presenting their innovations. Taking turns on stage are Elia Bruni of Aigritec (Italy), Avi Kahani of FFRobotics (Israel), Chao Chen of Monash University (Australia), Han Smits of Munckhof (Netherlands), Leopold Lucas of Ripe Robotics (Australia), and Yaniv Maor of Tevel Aerobotics Technologies (Israel). 

Interpoma Congress Day 2

Robotic harvest


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Track list

Walter Guerra: Welcome

Luigi Manfrini: Intro - History of apple robotic harvesting

Peter Ferguson: Moving past the promo videos

Elia Bruni: ADAM, a robot for precision crop management in apple orchards

Avi Kahani: The 21st Century orchard management solution

Chao Chen: Monash apple retrieving system

Han Smits: Precision fruit farming on tree level using autonomous robot harvesting

Hunter Jay: Navigating the next agricultural revolution

Yaniv Maor: Next generation fruit harvesting

Round Table  and questions from the floor

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