Lisa Saltuari

Pastry Chef, Master Confectioner, Owner of Garage Patisserie

Lisa tells her story:

After graduating from the Kaiserhof Hotel Management School in South Tyrol, I spent two years in Berlin as an Entremetier in the kitchen of the Regent Hotel’s two-star restaurant by Christian Lohse. Afterward, I returned to my homeland and gained my first experiences as a Pastry Chef at the Boutique Hotel Tanzer in the Pustertal Valley. From that point on, I loved baking cakes, creating sweet treats, and spending hours in the bakery. My passion for this craft led me back to Berlin, where I worked as a Confectioner at the Tigertörtchen confectionery, dedicating myself solely to sweet creations.

Back in South Tyrol again, I worked at the Aparthotel Villa Verde in Algund. My enthusiasm for this craft grew with each passing day, and in March 2021, I passed my master confectioner exam with distinction and took the step into self-employment. 

Sharing joy with a happy bridal couple because they love their cake, seeing delighted parents who are fascinated when picking up their child's birthday cake—these are the things that make me happy and bring me joy.

To learn more about Lisa, visit her website

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