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Be amazed! The first 4 BEAMS from the Launch-Event

Visionary ideas and inspiration for tomorrow – but prêt-à-porter: these are our first BEAMS. Concrete approaches from the keynote talks that the BEAM community found particularly valuable.


The future of hospitality

’We either find something new, or the planet will die,’ says Martin Raymond, co-founder of London-based The Future Laboratory in his talk. He has developed BEAM, a 6-point system for sustainable growth and adaptability, encompassing agriculture, food service, gastronomy, hospitality, tourism, and destination management. 

He points out how damaging intensive agriculture is for the environment and invites us not to reflexively reject 'lab food'. He calls for the courage to engage in discussions outside our own bubble, and advocates for the improvement of local products, bringing producers and guests together to tell the story of the origin and societal value of food – all things that younger generations also desire. They are, in fact, seeking experiences with sustainable added value. 

New technologies take over standard tasks, creating more space and time for personal care. Other trends among these target groups? Set-Jetting, or traveling to original locations of series, films, or games, represents a strong marketing opportunity. And Bleisure, a mix of business and leisure: leisure and work in vacation spots thanks to remote work.

Martin Raymond's bulletpoints:

  • Less beef, more beet. Have a look at alternative food: visit sustainable producers, reuse food waste, create new products from invasive species.
  • No profit, no win? Away from pure profit thinking, rather focus on substance instead of short-termism.
  • Full immersion. Develop immersive gastro experiences with meaningful menus for the entire value chain.
  • Be social. Promoting social projects like ’Homestay Network’.
  • All together now. Look at community building and hospitality like resources.
  • As seen on… Drawing inspiration from TV series, e-gaming, and movies for destination management.

What tourism can do for locals


Signe Jungersted completely reimagined Copenhagen as a destination. One of her most intriguing approaches: 'Ask not what locals can do for tourism, ask what tourism can do for locals.' This turned the transformation of Copenhagen into a participatory process and a powerful strategy to address the (perceived and real) phenomenon of Overtourism. She also discarded the principle of 'the customer is king' – instead, the conveyed values, character, and identity of the destination should be regal. 

By the way, tourists are reluctant to identify themselves as such, they see themselves more as 'temporarily local.' And to ensure that this relationship is a positive one, the local community should be actively involved as stakeholders in decision-making processes. This gives rise to collaborative initiatives that positively shape the living and vacation space for all involved.

Signe Jungersted's transformation souvenirs:

  • Nobody is an island. Transforming a destination positively is a collaborative process.
  • Start a fair game. Collaboration is based on reciprocity. Communicate goals clearly before the start and then implement them in the same way.
  • The courage to leave a blank space. Transformation also means leaving out the unnecessary.

BEAM Summit Edition 1

06. - 07.06.2024

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Disruption in the sausage aisle


'I don't want to convince anyone to become a vegan, I just want to have the choice' says Godo Röben. He initiated the transformation of Rügenwalder Mühle and successfully led the traditional sausage company towards alternative proteins. Today, he promises that more and more meat alternatives will come – and they will taste even better. Why is this relevant? Because all meat and sausage companies face three insoluble problems: factory farming, climate change, and the societal impact of high meat consumption. The world population will grow, increasing the need for food. The market is already in motion, and plant-based food alternatives are becoming necessary. And more attractive.

Godo Röben's to-do list:

  • Craving for meat. Many vegetarians and flexitarians like the taste of meat and sausage, so bring on the 100% copies of meatballs, salami and co.
  • Take bold steps. Think big. Be brave. Act resolutely.
  • Step by step. Honestly create tangible goals and communicate them. And remember: celebrate small and big successes.
  • Good in taking. Practising the qualities of a taker - because the path to the goal will involve a lot of headwinds.

Wine in change


In her talk, Roberta Ceretto shares the story of her family business in the Langhe region of Piedmont – and their journey from simple winemaking out of sheer necessity to today's diverse blend of organic wines, nougat, environmental consciousness, terroir, modern art, and local products in their own three-star restaurant. What makes her family story inspiring is the constant theme of change and realignment, in a place where there was hardly any hospitality infrastructure until just under 50 years ago. However, there was a diverse agriculture, with products that were unmatched. The Ceretto family has brought their heritage into the 21st century: carefully, yet successfully.

Roberta Ceretto's main ingredients:

  • All in the family. The Cerettos are curious, creative people, influenced by the Langhe region. What makes your family special, what strengths are in your DNA?
  • 'Rootwork'. Have respect for your own product and its origins: Wine has to be accompanied, it cannot be forced into certain directions.
  • Method in our madness. Clear goals are step one, but the right means also count: question methodology, adapt, fine-tune.
  • Without compromises. Making one's own work the benchmark for quality, because excellence is inevitable in the future.
  • Be a believer. Develop a vision - and believe in it, even if it takes a little longer.

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