Cristina Greco

Since her thesis degree in architecture in Rome, Cristina Greco’s career interest led her to investigate sustainable design within the built environment. Working at Future Systems’ in London, she had the opportunity to improve sustainability performance through a lean design defined by its versatility and efficiency. For many years, she adopted sustainable constructive solutions on behalf of ABDR in Rome, where she was responsible for product design and materials too. She started adopting Building Information Modelling solutions for real estate within integrated project delivery. 

From 2012 on, she has collaborated with Fiumicino Airport Hub expansion in Rome, supporting every design stage and conducting feasibility studies. In 2016 she coordinated the design and information workflow of two strategic Hospitals in Southern Italy, Calabria on behalf of VALLE3.0. She is responsible, as founder of Unlimited Studio professional group, of the delivery of RAI Asset BIM interdisciplinary as built models of buildings in Rome and Milan, within POLIMI coordination. As Best Practice is as important as individual achievement, she provides evidence of workflow limits and benefits through her personal research and scientific issues.