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South Tyrol Loves Apples!

The apple production in South Tyrol dates back to the period after the Second World War. Over decades, and fuelled by a variety of historical, cultural, social, political, geographical and economical factors, it has become the main agricultural activity in the province.
The data on South Tyrolean apple production are surprising:

  • 19,000 ha of apple orchards
  • 1 million tons of apples produced every year, which sums up to:
  • 50% of the Italian apple harvest
  • 15% of the European apple harvest
  • 2% of the global apple harvest

This focus on the fruit of Adam and Eve and the consequential know-how in the sector has lead to the birth of Interpoma 20 years ago, and has also been the main driving force behind the idea to bring Interpoma all the way to Shandong, China.

And China as well...

The Province of Shandong in China is really not so different from South Tyrol! Although situated at the Chinese East Coast and not in the middle of the Alps, it offers a similar climate, equally suitable for apple growing. Subsequently, it has always been the leading apple producing province in China, with an annual apple production of 9.3 million tons and an apple acreage of 304.666 ha. Still, over 90% of all orchards lack protection against birds, hail or frost, more than 80% lack fertigation facilities, and while the overall mechanization is less than 30%, manual labour eats up more than 65% of the production costs.

That's where Interpoma comes in! With the participation of international as well as domestic exhibitors from the entire production chain of apples, Interpoma China is striving to bring South Tyrol and Shandong together and create a platform for exchanging global know-how - in short: to become the place to be for the entire Chinese apple industry.