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Green is not a color

Being "green" is a global trend, but especially in South Tyrol. The development of the Province a "Green Region" is no longer a distant dream: in fact, about 38% of South Tyrol's energy consumption already stems from renewable energy sources; that is about four times the European and Italian average. In terms of emissions, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal as well: By 2050, we strive to lower Co2 emissions from 4.9 tons to less than 1.5 tons per inhabitant per year.

This is a goal being pursued not only by the public sector, but by an increasing numer of companies. We as a trade show center have been doing so for years: The photovoltaic system on our roofs produces 1,285,000 kwh of energy per year, and even the company car now only runs on electricity. Since 2017, we have been working closely with Volontarius, which donates leftover food to those in need after each of our events. The catering companies on the fairgrounds use 100% reusable dishes and glass bottles, and an agreement started in 2020 with the local transport associations allows all visitors with an online ticket to travel free of charge.

And our trade shows? We have a lot to offer here as well, especially on the subject of energy-efficient construction and sustainable mobility: Klimahouse, Klimahouse Toscana, Klimahouse Lombardia and Klimamobility are well known far beyond our borders. To sum it up: Four events in three different locations, but with one goal. Together for a better future.

1.3 mio kwh of solar energy/year
42.000 m² less non-reusable carpet
160.000 distributed glass bottles/year
200.000 free bus and train tickets/year


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Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
Norbert Niederkofler
Luca Mazzucchelli

Destroying the environment less does not mean protecting it. It is like talking about child protection while hitting a child five times instead of ten.

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart


'No waste' for me means buying the whole animal. Even though guts are much harder to use, this is just the point that challenges and interests me the most.

Norbert Niederkofler

Starred Chef St. Hubertus

Our habits are like pieces of a puzzle, that is the world that we live in. Even the smallest change in one little piece can make all the difference.

Luca Mazzucchelli

Psychologist and Therapist

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