International tradeshow for rentals and services for winter sports

09th - 11th April 2015
09.00-18.00 / Sat 09.00-17.00

International tradeshow for rentals and services for winter sports
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A raving success for Prowinter-Alpitec 2014!

9.100 visitors and 330 exhibitors took part in the trade show duo of Prowinter and Alpitec, gaining the great information exchange in regard of the upcoming winter season. The success and international orientation is proven by the provenience of visitors from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Andorra, Slovakia, Spain, Chile and Japan.

Guests of honour had been, amongst others, the Slovenian skier Tina Maze as well as the two Ski racer Alexis Pinterault and Jean-Baptiste Grange.

Pleased by the results, the CEO of the Bolzano Exhibition Center, Reinhold Marsoner underlined the important role of Bolzano as the capital of winter sports: “Trentino-South Tyrol is world-famous for its wonderful ski areas and innovative winter sports technologies. I am glad that this trade show became such an important meeting place for winter sports athletes and experts whereat, referring to this, Prowinter represents the exhibition’s vast strength.

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The Curtain Comes Down on the 2014 Winter Duet of Prowinter-Alpitec

Prowinter, the International Tradeshow for Rentals and Services for Winter Sports in Bolzano, Italy, was held just as usual every two years along with Alpitec, the International Tradeshow for Alpine and Winter Technologies, thus once again confirming the meeting point for the entire sector involving snow, with numerous athletes and peak figures from the winter sports branch being present.

From April 9 to 11, 2014, some 330 companies were visited by approximately 9,100 visitors to conclude their first agreements before the next winter season.  An appointment which, judging by the various presences, reconfirms the genuinely international appeal, with guests coming from fourteen countries: in addition to Italia, also appearing were those from Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovenia, Serbia, Andorra, Slovakia, Spain, Chile, and Japan.  Meanwhile, arriving on the stage of the Prowinter Forum were representatives of the best ski resorts in Europe, from France to Slovenia, passing through Italy, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, and ski champions from beyond the Alps, with the lovely Slovenian skier Tina Maze and her World Cup colleagues Alexis Pinturault and Jean-Baptiste Grange.  Also present at the Exhibition Center were the leading athletes of the Sports Centers of two Italian law enforcement agencies, the Paramilitary Police and the Tax Enforcement Police, and from Armin Zoeggeler to Peter Fill, from Gaia Vuerich to Corinna Boccacini, all of the athletes who received prizes from the Italian Winter Sports Federation and from the Prowinter Cup for the Alpine ski circuit.  “I was familiar with Prowinter, but this is the first time that I have had the occasion to participate,” commented the Slovenian champion Tina Maze, at the Exhibition Center with her personal trainer Andrea Massi.  “A lovely tradeshow which, at this point in the season, allows us to also dedicate some time to our sponsors.  And it’s really a pleasure for me to spend this day giving awards to the promising youth of Alpine skiing.”  This edition was also enriched by the presence of the multiple medal-winning Olympic champion Armin Zoeggeler, the only athlete in the world to have succeeded in conquering six individual medals in six consecutive editions of the Games.  “Prowinter is always a great occasion for getting to know everything that’s new for the next winter and to meet all of the best athletes who have reached the podium during the season,” Zoeggeler explained.  “Every year, it is always reconfirmed as a very important appointment.”

Also satisfied was the director of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center, Reinhold Marsoner, who emphasized the role of Bolzano as the capital of the snow sector.  “Trentino-South Tyrol is a region that is renowned throughout the world for its ski areas and its cutting-edge equipment in the world of snow,” Marsoner stated.  “Right in this territory that is so rich in know-how is where Alpitec and Prowinter are held.  It is very satisfying to see how this appointment has become a meeting point for athletes and leading figures in winter sports and technologies.  With this, Prowinter definitely emerges as the strongpoint of the duet.” 

From the survey conducted by the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center on a sample of 794 visitors, it emerges that those who work in the sector came for the most part from the branch of rentals and from cableway facilities, followed by ski and snowboard schools and sporting goods stores.  And it is specifically within the specialization associated with the rentals division that Prowinter has its actual strongpoint, as the only b2b platform in Europe, with promising growth occurring against the current trend with respect to the general performance of the market.  A performance that is promising, as emphasized by Kurt Landstätter, director of Rent and Go.  “The season went rather well.  Not all of the rentals operated the way they did last year because there was too much snow.  I’m speaking of the Dolomites zone, especially Cortina d’Ampezzo,” Landstätter indicated. “All of the others are satisfied, and we have great trust in the next winter.  People are skiing less, but when they ski, they want the top of the range, they want quality that is higher with respect to a few years ago.  And thus the tendency is that of versatile skiing, with which they can have a good time and not get tired of it.  The phenomenon of the rocker has been well perceived.  In the rental sector, there is a sign of stability, because there are many new rentals: the sales sector seems to have a decline, and many sporting goods stores have transformed themselves into rentals.  Thus the rental business is growing but the rentals themselves are stationary. Rent and Go came into existence according to the philosophy that enthusiasts who go skiing one week out of the year do not have to purchase the material and carry it with themselves.  And thus the idea that Erwin Stricker already had was to provide a good level of service, one that was so high that everything would be found on site, not just the skis, but also the repairs and the storage.”

Continuing with the analysis of the data that were collected, 22% of those interviewed came from South Tyrol, 28.2% from Trentino, and nearly 50% from the other regions of Italy (45.1%) and from abroad (5.5%). Prowinter has won success and the exhibitors are satisfied, and among those who work in the sector who were interviewed, nearly one hundred percent expressed a positive consensus, with 67% considering the event to be “good”, 17.9% “very good”, 14.1% “satisfactory”, and only 1% having expressed themselves in a manner that was not positive. 

This general consensus was highlighted by those same exhibitors who in this way emphasized the significance of the appointment in Bolzano:
Paolo Rossi, owner of Extreme Winter Equipment Srl: “For us, the Prowinter tradeshow represents a meeting point with the various sports companies of Northern Italy and above all else from South Tyrol, but it is also an important appointment for meeting the world of sporting goods stores and, in general, all of those who work in the sector.”

Pietro Colturi, Managing Representative of Italy Burton: “We have believed in Prowinter since the very first editions, and we have always had an excellent response.  The rental market is important, healthy, and is growing in a certain way.  That is why our company has always chosen to participate, bringing along our own innovations and investing both in the presence and in the products.  For us, it has always been an interesting market.”

Stefano Silvestri, Winter Sports Category Manager of Mares SpA - Head: “Head is a company that is extremely innovative with respect to the launch of new technologies on the market, and for us, Prowinter is a showcase that is extremely important, above all else with regard to the trade sector, and thus it is a strategic platform for closing those agreements and contracts that we had been defining during the year.”

Michele Villotti, General Manager of Silhouette Italia Srl - Adidas Eyewear Italia: “For fifty years, we have had the exclusive license for the production and worldwide distribution of the Adidas brand eyewear.  For us, it is fundamental that a highly technical product can be explained, and this is certainly the best stage for us.”

Ernesto Bassetti, Executive Vice President of the MND Group: “Ours is an international group; we have eight subsidiaries in the world. For the Italian subsidiary, Alpitec is a very important tradeshow because it allows us to have good contact with people. We receive a clientele here that is predominantly Italian, but this year, we also had meetings with foreign visitors, and thus this appointment also makes itself interesting from this viewpoint.”


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Swiss merger – BMF Group takes over Gangloff Cabins

The Bartholet Group has expanded its range of offers by integrating the Gangloff Cabin segment. This makes it a full-scale provider in the areas of cable railway construction, amusement park facilities, cabin construction, road train systems and special constructions. This next development step of the corporate group in Flums is based on the maxim “Swiss Quality – From a single source for all customers worldwide”. 

Gangloff Cabins AG is a family enterprise that was founded in Bern in the year 1928 with its specialisation in the construction and manufacture of wagons and cabins for funicular railways and aerial cableways, gondolas for gondola cableways as well as custom products. Much like the BMF Group AG which works in the areas of cable railways, amusement park facilities and mechanical engineering, Gangloff Cabins AG is an enterprise that is also very strongly anchored in Switzerland with ever widening international activities. Given the immense know-how of the two Swiss companies and their competent staff members, all manufacturing and assembly works – from development, engineering and construction through production up to the end-product – can now be performed by a single source. Gangloff Cabins will further remain an independent company in the market for all customers. In addition to newly-made products, customer service and spare parts supply for all Gangloff products will also be further expanded. A new production locality is being planned for Gangloff Cabins in the medium term to ensure continued upgrade and lean production. 

Thomas Spiegelberg will take over the executive management of Gangloff Cabins. The present management of Gangloff Cabins, led by Marc and Regina Pfister, will continue to work at Gangloff Cabins and further develop the company within the BMF Group. Staff members will be offered additional perspectives in terms of market and product expansion. Gangloff Cabins will be able to produce its high-class products anew in an enterprise within the BMF Group. 

Against this background, we jointly look forward to a successful future and are grateful to our customers for the trust they continue to place in us. 


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Prowinter-Alpitec 2014 presented at ISPO Munich

The trade-fair duo renew their appointment with winter mountain operators - Promotional collaborations and strategic partnerships with associations and institutional bodies enable the Bolzano Trade-Fair to emphasise the specialization of the visitors.

The comprehensive winter mountain section is once again in centre stage on the occasion of the coming edition of Prowinter, the international trade-fair for winter sport hire and services scheduled for 9 to 11 April 2014, presented at ISPO Munich. The journalists of the international press attending the press conference were welcomed by the President of the Bolzano Trade-Fair, Gernot Rössler, the Project Manager Evi Götsch, the President of the FIS World Cup Committee Erich Demetz, the General Secretary of the ISMF Roberto Cavallo, and Linda Esser Stricker, wife of the unforgettable Erwin, the “crazy horse” of downhill skiing. 

In addition to clothing, accessories, and technical equipment for mountain goers, there will also be sophisticated machinery and technological gems available for service providers and winter activity organizers. As happens every two years, the 2014 edition of the trade-fair will be organized at the same time as Alpitec, the platform dedicated to Alpine and winter technology. The objective is to repeat the success that marked the last joint edition, with  9300 visitors from 24 countries, and 253 and 112 exhibitors at Prowinter and Alpitec respectively, extending over more than 25,000 square metres of exhibition floor.   

A combination that makes for an unmissable appointment for all specialized operators, attracted by the vast exhibition options embracing all sectors, as well as the countless fringe events that include meetings, seminars, workshops, and prize giving ceremonies, organized over the three days of the event. “In addition to getting to know the new products on the market from the hardware producers for ski areas, including uplift systems, piste bashers, snow production, and access control, along with the options for the rental sector, with ski servicing equipment, outfits for ski clubs, ski instructors, and retail staff,” began Gernot Rössler, “Prowinter and Alpitec are further enhanced thanks to strategic collaborations with numerous partners in the sector”.

Edition after edition, the Bolzano Trade-Fair team have worked to ensure constant enhancement of their added value by establishing, in parallel with the organizational component, a range of partnerships with the main associations and institutional bodies, in order to give the platform an increasingly professional focus and to be of interest to all the categories involved. This also encourages moments of reflection on the evolution of winter sports, as underlined by Erich Demetz: “In recent years, two completely different approaches are emerging in downhill skiing: on one hand the strictly competitive area in which up to now everything has been done to try and keep skiing tied to its origins, transforming it into a highly technical discipline, and on the other hand the ski tourism sector with a completely opposite approach, providing perfectly groomed slopes and the very latest equipment which, especially for the less expert, creates very serious safety issues. We need to try and shift ski tourism towards a more technically aware approach to the sport”. 

“Once again this year over the three days of the Trade-Fair, we guarantee a lavish program of events that will form the natural accompaniment to the goods on show and ensure our exhibitors the participation of a highly specialized public,” continued Evi Götsch. “In fact, Prowinter-Alpitec stands apart from other trade-fairs exactly because it makes it possible to concentrate efforts on the commercial aspects, with an important business turnover in orders and contracts”. Among the novelties of the last edition, repeated this year, is a collaboration with the Italian federation of winter sports, promoters of an award for the athlete of the year who achieved the best rankings and victories in the various winter sports over the season. The Prowinter Forum stage this year will also feature the Alto Adige Junior athletes category award from the FISI Alto Adige Regional Committee, the best Italian athletes of the 2013/2014 season with prizes from POOL Sci Italia, the association that brings together all the official suppliers of the national downhill skiing teams, and the Italian athletes of the “Students” and “Kids” categories who competed for the Energiapura Children Series title by participating in Topolino and Pinocchio competitions, and in the Italian championships (awards organized in collaboration with Race Ski Magazine).

Continuing and consolidating for the third consecutive year is the distinctive tie of Bolzano Trade-Fair with ski touring, as underlined by the General Secretary of the ISMF, Roberto Cavallo: “Ski mountaineering is established as a constantly growing sport, in terms of both participants and equipment under production. Today ISMF is the most important federation in the sector with more than thirty member countries, and we are awaiting recognition as an Olympic sport, a decision that will be taken at the imminent winter Olympiads in Sochi. In recent years, we have been concentrating a lot on communication and spreading the sport, in particular among the young, and obviously a dedicated platform like Prowinter represents a strategic promotional partner for us”. This discipline, in addition to enjoying its only dedicated platform in Europe, will also be the object of in-depth analysis during a round-table discussion promoted by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation. The theme of the meeting will be the possibility of including ski mountaineering among the Olympic sports, and considering the potential consequences and implications of this. Among the invited guests is the President Armando Mariotta, the FISI technical officer for ski mountaineering Oscar Angeloni, and a number of leading athletes. In addition, the Trade-Fair will be promoted by a circuit known as the Prowinter Cup, thanks to a valuable collaboration with the organizers of the Dolomitisottolestelle association. There will be a set of seven selected competitions in Trentino and Alto Adige: the Rodes Gherdenia Trophy in Selva Gardena (14 December), the Tognola Ski Race in San Martino di Castrozza (18 December), the Lunagaro at Passo Brocon (28 December), the Carezza Trophy in Malga Frommer (29 January), the Memorial Maurizio Zagonel in San Martino di Castrozza (5 February), the SIAL Vigili del Fuoco in Ziano di Fiemme (9 February), and the Memorial Tita and Marco in Vigo di Fassa (19 March). The athletes who have earned the highest scores in the Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Over 50s categories will be awarded prizes during the Trade-Fair, directly on the Prowinter Forum stage.

There are also high expectations for the now obligatory Stricker Visions, the event conceived and promoted by Linda Esser and Nina Stricker, wife and daughter of the unforgettable Erwin Stricker. Mrs. Stricker presented the theme for the third edition of this event in person: “The third edition of the Fabbrica di Stricker will be dedicated to the family, a social context full of stimulus and lively examples which, at the same time, represents a strong human foundation. We will hear stories from real life recounted in first person, to reveal the driving force that can be triggered by different family contexts, directing particular attention to how such a precious asset can best be exploited”. The initiative arose with the aim of bringing renewed energy and momentum to the highly extravagant and original approach that always characterized the activities of the “crazy horse” of downhill skiing. It will be a genuine “factory of the future”, powered by experts in the sector, and dedicated to perfecting winter sports through new concepts and innovative ideas. It concludes with the allocation of the so-called Geierschnabel Award, the associated prize named after the famous hooked tip skis invented by Erwin, with a single winner selected from among the top three candidates that stand out for their exceptional contributions to the winter sports world.  

Finally, within the Alpitec platform there is the greatly anticipated appointment with International Skiareatest, the ceremony for the assignment of the winter 2013-2014 awards which will see the designation of the best ski resorts in the Alps following a selection process with verifications conducted during the recently concluded winter season by 220 member assessors. In addition to the winners for cable uplift systems, ski resorts, restaurants, après-ski venues, ski schools, sport shops, and services for children, there will also be prizes for the best ski slopes bearing the international quality seal. The Trade-Fair pavilions will also host all the national representatives of the cable-car operators, gathering for the regular ANEF meeting to discuss the thematic issues of the operators in this sector following the recently concluded winter season and reserved to sector operators. This professional category will also include the Alto Adige and Tyrolese operators, at the Trade-Fair to participate in their general meeting held every two years. A get-together  for more than 300 members returning to Prowinter/Alpitec for the second time in order to highlight the importance of this international event and the strategic role of Bolzano city. 


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Prowinter-Alpitec: From April 9 to 11, 2014, Bolzano will be the Capital of the Snow Sector

Bolzano is to become the capital of winter sports and mountain technology.  Once again in 2014, the capital of South Tyrol will host the Prowinter-Alpitec pair, the platform for mountain professionals, the reference point for the entire athletic world, from downhill skiing to snowboarding, from ski touring to the new, emerging “free” disciplines.  Three days of full immersion dedicated to those who work in the sector and its experts are on the calendar from April 9 to 11.  

Bolzano, Italy, December 2, 2013 – Year after year, two successful tradeshows have perfectly completed the exhibiting and information presented by involving new product divisions, forming strategic partnerships with international associations and institutions, and introducing opportunities for comparison and exchange dedicated to emerging innovations.  At a strategic international crossroads: it is not by chance that Bolzano is located in one of the European regions that is most known for winter tourism, the ideal meeting place to host two appointments for international leisure activities which, in adjoining pavilions, will offer visitors a complete panorama of every part of production and distribution within the snow sector. 

A combination which the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center presents with a rhythm of every other year, in 2010 it was the reference platform for more than 9,300 visitors from twenty-four countries, arriving not only from all over Europe, but also from Russia, the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.  And the number of exhibitors also clearly demonstrates that the tradeshow has now become an appointment not to be missed for all those affiliated with the sector: 253 companies coming from no fewer than fifteen countries.  The exhibited categories that were represented included clothing, equipment, and accessories for snow sports; machinery, services for rentals and shops, equipment and services for ski areas, books, guides, trade associations, and equipment for safety and first aid.  This double appointment will thus be the occasion to find space within a professional display case that puts customers and partners from the sector in contact with each other, providing them with the possibility of establishing fruitful business relationships. 

Among the events that have already been confirmed for next year is the International Ski Area Test, which is certainly not to be missed.  This winter awards ceremony will celebrate the best ski areas in the Alps, coming at the end of a selection process with the tallying conducted in an absolutely anonymous form through the course of the season.  In addition, within the framework of the focus dedicated to ski touring, the only platform in Europe devoted to this discipline, the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center is reconfirming its strategic partnership with the international federation ISMF which, on the occasion of Prowinter, will return to present awards to the best athletes from the 2013-2014 winter season. 

So the dates are set in Bolzano with Prowinter-Alpitec 2014 to get the best preview of materials, technologies, and strategies for the future of winter sports. 


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Trentino-Alto Adige: Ski Region Number One in Italy

As a first-class vacation destination in Europe, the region of Trentino-Alto Adige offers its guests no fewer than 614 ski lift facilities with a maximum transport capacity of 841,000 passengers per hour.  This represents a full forty percent of all of the facilities in Italy. So where else besides in this region would the ideal location be for the double tradeshow “Alpitec/Prowinter”? It will be serving the national and international market from April 9 to 11, 2014. 

The ski slopes with the Dolomites as the fantasy background comprise an area of 5,200 hectares (13,000 acres).  Every year, around 11 million tourists spend their vacations in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige.  The northernmost region of Italy records nearly 50 million overnight stays per year – 20 million of them in the winter. 

According to data from the Provincial Institute for Statistics ASTAT from 2012, ski areas in Alto Adige/South Tyrol provide work to around 2,000 people, of which some 700 are permanently employed and 1,300 have seasonal contracts.  The majority of the seasonal workers are farmers who receive a second income from this.  In Alto Adige, around 121 million passengers were transported during the last winter season with the total of 374 cableway systems.  Annual revenues reached 265 million euros.  The president of the Alto Adige/South Tyrol Association of Cableway Companies, Siegfried Pichler, presented these figures at the annual membership meeting in Bolzano/Bozen.  “A more and more important role for cableway companies is being played by summer tourism,” says Pichler, and he is convinced that "it has enormous potential which can only be more greatly taken advantage of in the future. During the last summer season, we registered around 7.5 million trips in Alto Adige/South Tyrol, which corresponds to an increase of 13.5% in comparison to the previous year. As a result of special offers in connection with the nature and authenticity of Alto Adige/South Tyrol, both the attractiveness of summer tourism and at the same time the frequency of the facilities can be increased. The board of directors will also be working over the next few years for targeted investments to be used in ski areas, since winter tourism depends above all else upon their efficiency.” He goes on to emphasize, “Especially in periods of economic crisis, targeted investments are the only possibility of guaranteeing the high quality of the local cable cars and chair lifts.”

In July, the holding company Trentino Sviluppo presented its figures on winter tourism: thus far, Trentino Sviluppo has invested 79 million euros in sixteen cableway companies.  The ten largest ski resorts of this holding company in Trentino generate an indirect profitability of 688 million euros, while the total outlays of tourists in these ski areas runs to around 373 million euros. Against the background of these figures, the holding company poured 342 million euros last year into investments in industry, construction, tourism, and integrated mobility – that is, cableway facilities.  These new facilities are a part of the integrated transport system: with this, automobile traffic is to be reduced, the investments are amortized, and at the same time a contribution is being made to the sustainability and quality of life in Trentino.

Guests in Trentino-Alto Adige experience the finest in winter sports against a fantasy background.  The responsibility for this goes to both the tourism operators and the companies within the sector with their specialized know-how.  Also making a contribution in quality tourism during the winter is the international double tradeshow “Alpitec/Prowinter”, at which the industry meets every two years in mid-April for an exchange of information.  The full gamut of new technologies and services in presented, running from the most accurate of timing devices to entire ski lift operations, and the associated expertise is also conveyed.  While up to just a few years ago, the presentation of exhibits and the taking of orders was the main focus, the tradeshows of today are much more than just a pure product show: the personal exchange of information and customer care at tradeshows are gaining in importance more and more.


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Bolzano, capitale des sports d'hiver et de la technologie alpine. En 2014, le chef-lieu du Haut-Adige accueillera une fois de plus le couplé Prowinter-Alpitec, respectivement à la 14ème et à la 9ème édition. Trois jours de full immersion dédiée aux opérateurs et aux experts du secteur de la montagne, du 9 au 11 avril. Deux salons à succès qui, d'une édition à l'autre, ont complété leur offre d'exposition et d'information impliquant de nouveaux secteurs de production, concluant des partenariats stratégiques avec des associations et des organismes internationaux, introduisant des moments d'échange et de comparaison dédiés aux nouveautés émergentes. Un carrefour stratégique international : ce n'est pas un hasard si Bolzano se situe dans une des régions d'Europe les plus connues pour le tourisme d'hiver, le lieu de rencontre idéal pour accueillir deux rendez-vous internationaux qui offriront aux visiteurs, dans les deux pavillons, une vue d'ensemble complète de tous les domaines de production et de distribution du secteur de la neige, accessible avec un seul billet.

Une combinaison que Fiera Bolzano repropose tous les deux ans, une plate-forme de référence en 2010 pour plus de 9300 visiteurs de de 24 nations, provenant de toute l'Europe mais aussi de Russie, des Etats-Unis, du Canada, de Chine et du Japon. Ce n'est pas tout : le nombre des exposants démontre en effet que le salon est désormais un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour tous les préposés du secteur : 253 sociétés provenant de 15 pays. Parmi les catégories d'exposition représentées, signalons l'habillement, l'équipement et les accessoires pour les sports de neige, les machines, les services pour le rental et les magasins, l'équipement et les services pour les stations de ski, les livres, les guides, les associations de catégorie, l'équipement pour les soins d'urgence et la sécurité. Le double rendez-vous sera donc l'occasion pour trouver un espace dans la vitrine professionnelle qui met en contact les clients et les partenaires du secteur et qui offre, naturellement, la possibilité d'établir des relations d'affaires profitables. 

Un des événements confirmés pour la prochaine année, est l'International Skiareatest, la cérémonie d'attribution des award d'hiver 2013/2014 qui, au terme d'une procédure de sélection impliquant des vérifications effectuées sous une forme absolument anonyme au cours de la saison, célèbrera les meilleures stations de ski des Alpes. On récompensera les vainqueurs sélectionnés pour les catégories d'installations à câble, les stations de ski, les restaurants, les établissements après-ski, les écoles de ski, les magasins de sport et les services pour les enfants, mais aussi les meilleures pistes de ski avec le label international de qualité. Un projet d'évaluation qualitative qui sera également reproposé au marché oriental. Cette année, en effet, le président Klaus Hönigsberger sera également un des invités d'honneur d'Alpitec China, du 19 au 22 février, qui tiendra une conférence justement intitulée au succès du projet sur le contrôle qualitatif des services dans le tourisme d'été et d'hiver. On définira, au cours des semaines à venir, le calendrier complet des rencontres, des cérémonies et des remises de prix qui animeront la scène du Prowinter Forum. 

“Le véritable point fort de notre équipe est sans doute la capacité d'intercepter, de réélaborer et de reproposer à l'occasion de l'exposition les nouveautés qui concernent le secteur – affirme Reinhold Marsoner, directeur de Fiera Bolzano –, l'introduction de la plate-forme sur la location, le secteur du ski alpinisme, la revalorisation du savoir-faire exporté dans un nouveau produit comme Alpitec China. Un salon de succès ne peut pas faire abstraction du fait d'interpréter à l'avance les tendances du secteur de référence. Un principe que nous avons également appliqué au secteur des sports d'hiver et de la technologie alpine, grâce à la définition de partenariat stratégiques avec des fédérations, des associations et des institutions du secteur, en particulier Fisi et Ismf”. 

Rendez-vous, donc, à Bolzano, avec le  Prowinter-Alpitec, pour connaître en avant-première les matériaux, les technologies et les stratégies pour le futur des sports d'hiver.


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Bolzano capital de los deportes invernales y de la tecnología alpina. También en 2014 el principal centro de la región Alto Adigio será sede de la presentación combinada de Prowinter-Alpitec, respectivamente en su 14ª y su 9ª edición. Un evento de tres días full immersion dedicado a operadores y expertos del sector montaña que tendrá lugar entre el 9 y el 11 de abril. Dos ferias de éxito que, edición tras edición, han completado su propia oferta expositiva e informativa incluyendo nuevos sectores productivos, estableciendo colaboraciones estratégicas con asociaciones y entidades internacionales y gestando momentos de intercambio y comparación dedicados a las novedades emergentes. Un estratégico punto de encuentro internacional: no por casualidad Bolzano es capital de una de las regiones europeas más conocidas en cuanto al turismo invernal y, por lo tanto, lugar ideal para realizar dos encuentros de proyección internacional que –en dos pabellones contiguos- ofrecerán a los visitantes un panorama completo de todos los sectores productivos y distributivos del sector nieve, a los que se accederá con un único billete.

Una combinación que Feria Bolzano repropone con frecuencia bienal y que en 2010 fue plataforma de referencia para más de 9.300 visitantes provenientes de 24 países de toda Europa pero también de Rusia, Estados Unidos, Canadá, China y Japón. Por otra parte, también el número de los expositores demuestra que la feria ya se ha convertido en una infaltable cita para todos los operadores del sector: 253 empresas provenientes de 15 países. Entre las categorías expositivas representadas, además de la ropa, equipos y accesorios para los deportes de la nieve, se encuentran maquinarias, servicios para alquiler y tiendas, equipamientos y servicios para las estaciones de esquí, libros, guías, asociaciones de categoría, equipos para primeros auxilios y seguridad. Por consiguiente esta doble cita será la ocasión para encontrar espacio en el ámbito de una vitrina profesional que pone en contacto a clientes e interlocutores del sector y que, naturalmente, ofrece la posibilidad de establecer provechosas relaciones de negocios.

Entre los eventos ya confirmados para el próximo año se encuentra la infaltable International Skiareatest, la ceremonia de asignación de los premios invernales 2013/2014 que, al término de un proceso de selección con verificaciones realizadas de manera absolutamente anónima en el curso de la temporada, distinguirá a las mejores estaciones esquiísticas del arco alpino. Además de los vencedores seleccionados en las categorías instalaciones de cable, estaciones esquiísticas, restaurantes, locales después de esquiar, escuelas de esquí, tiendas de deportes y servicios para los niños, también serán premiadas las mejores pistas de esquí con el sello internacional de calidad. Un proyecto de evaluación cualitativa que será representado también en el mercado oriental. En efecto, este año el presidente Klaus Hönigsberger estará presente entre los huéspedes de honor de Alpitec China, prevista en calendario entre el 19 y el 22 de febrero, donde ofrecerá una conferencia relativa justamente al éxito del proyecto sobre el control cualitativo de los servicios en el turismo estival e invernal. En las próximas semanas se dará forma al calendario completo de encuentros, ceremonias y entregas de premios que animarán el escenario del Prowinter Forum.

“El verdadero factor de éxito de nuestro equipo es, sin duda, la capacidad de interceptar, reelaborar y reproponer en clave expositiva las novedades del sector –afirma Reinhold Marsoner, director de Feria Bolzano–, desde la introducción de la plataforma sobre alquiler hasta el sector del esquialpinismo y la revalorización de nuestro know-how exportado en un nuevo producto como es Alpitec China. Una feria de éxito no puede prescindir de la interpretación anticipada de las tendencias del sector. Un principio que también hemos aplicado en el ámbito de los deportes invernales y de la tecnología alpina, gracias a la creación de instancias de colaboración estratégica con federaciones, asociaciones e instituciones del sector, en particular Fisi e Ismf”.

Queda fijada entonces la cita en Bolzano con la combinación vencedora Prowinter-Alpitec a fin de conocer en preestreno materiales, tecnologías y estrategias para el futuro de los deportes invernales.


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Tudi v letu 2014 bo Bolzano postalo glavno mesto zimskega športa in alpske tehnologije. Južno Tirolska pokrajina bo sprejela zmagoslavno kombinacijo Prowinter-Alpitec, oziroma že 14 krat razstavo Prowinter in 9 krat Alpitec. Program za časa teh tri dni, od 9. do 11. aprila, bo popolnoma posvečen operaterjem in strokovnjakom alpskega področja. Dve uspešne razstave, so se leto za letom izpopolnjevale z razstavnimi in informativnimi ponudbami, sklenile so različna sodelovanja z novimi produktivnimi sektorji, pospešile so nove pogodbe s strateškimi partnerji in z mednarodnimi institucijami, izmenjale so mnenja in se soočile z novo vzhajajočimi vidiki. Bolzano se nahaja na strateškem mednarodnem razpotju v evropsko najznamenitejši regiji zimskih športov, v idealnem kraju za srečanja. Na dveh prireditvah mednarodnega pomena, z dvema v bližini postavljenima paviljona, ponuja obiskovalcem celovit pregled vseh proizvajalnih in distribucijskih sektorjev z ozirom na zimski šport.. Paviljoni so dostopni z eno samo vozovnico.

Razstava, ki jo mesto Bolzano ponavlja vsaki dve leti,  je v letu 2010 privabila več kot 9.300 obiskovalcev iz 24 držav, iz cele Evrope, pa tudi iz Rusije, Amerike, Kanade, Kitajske in Japonske. Ne samo, da število razstavljavcev dokazuje, kako je razstava postala pomemben dogodek za vse strokovnjake področja, ampak tudi, da je postala neizogibna točka srečanj za operaterje 253 podjetij, ki prihajajo iz 15 držav. Med  kategorijami se nahajajo zastopniki podjetij za oblačila, opremo in dodatne zimske artikle, za stroje, zastopniki za storitve, trgovino, knjige in vodiče, zastopniki združenj kategorije in za vse to kar je potrebno za prvo pomoč in varnost. Dvojno srečanje bo priložnost za strokovna srečanja, ki bodo omogočala stike med klienti in partnerji sektorja in ponudila velike možnosti vzpostavljanja dobičkonosnih poslovnih odnosov.

Med programiranimi dogodki, s katerimi se bomo soočili  sledeče leto je vsekakor Mednarodno  Skiareatest srečanje, ceremonija za časa katere se bodo podelila priznanja za zimsko sezono za leto 2013/2014. Do teh priznanj se pride s postopkom popolnoma anonimne izbire najboljših Alpskih smučarskih postaj. Ne samo, da bodo izbrani zmagovalci na področju kategorij, kot so, žičnice, smučišča, restavracije, smučarski prostori za srečanja, smučarske šole, športne trgovine in usluge za otroke, temveč bodo nagrajene tudi najboljše smučarske proge z mednarodnim pečatom kakovosti. Kvalitativna ocena projekta bo prikazana tudi za vzhodno tržišče. To leto, bo namreč tudi predsednik Klaus Hönigsberger, kot časten gost Kitajske Alpiteke, predvidene od 19. do 22. februarja, imel predavanje z naslovom Uspeh Kakovostnega Projekta letnega in zimskega turizma. V prihodnjih tednih bomo predstavili celoten urnik srečanj, ceremonij in nagrajevanj, ki bodo oživila podij Prowinter Foruma.

“Prava moč naše ekipe je nedvomno prestreči, preurediti in predstaviti razstavo z vsemi novostmi  z ozirom na sektor – potrjuje gospod Reinhold Marsoner, direktor Bolzano Razstave –, obnavljanje platforme za najem smučarskih pripomočkov, kot vrednotenje našega know how, ki ga izvažamo kot popolnoma nov izdelek Alpitec na Kitajsko. Uspešen sejem ni mogoče ločiti od modernega interpretiranja novih tendenc sektorja. Ta princip smo že aplicirali na področju zimskih športov in alpske tehnologije preko strateškega partnerstva, ki smo ga vzpostavili z najrazličnejšimi organizacijami, združenji in institucijami na tem področju, kot so združenja: Fisi in Ismf”.

Torej se bomo videli v Bolzanu, na zmagovalni kombinirani razstavi Prowinter-Alpitec, kje se boste lahko vnaprej srečali in spoznali z novimi materiali, tehnologijami in strategijami bodočega zimskega športa.


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Bolzano stolicą sportów zimowych i technologii alpejskich. Także w 2014 r. stolica Południowego Tyrolu gościć będzie kombinację Prowinter-Alpitec; będzie to odpowiednio czternasta i dziewiąta edycja tych targów. Na dni od 9 do 11 kwietnia przygotowano bogaty program poświęcony całkowicie pracownikom i specjalistom branży górskiej. Łączy on dwie popularne wystawy, które każdego roku wzbogacają systematycznie swoją ofertę targową i informacyjną, przyciągając do siebie nowe sektory produkcyjne, nawiązując kluczowe relacje z międzynarodowymi organizacjami i instytucjami, a także organizując okazje do wymiany doświadczeń i dyskusji na temat nowości pojawiających się na rynku. Na strategicznym międzynarodowym skrzyżowaniu. Miejsce spotkania nie jest bynajmniej przypadkowe, Bolzano znajduje się bowiem w jednym z najbardziej znanych europejskich regionów turystyki zimowej i jest idealnym miejscem do organizacji tych dwóch spotkań o międzynarodowym zasięgu. W ten sposób, płacąc za jeden bilet, będzie można zobaczyć w dwóch przylegających do siebie pawilonach pełną ofertę sektorów produkcyjnych i dystrybucyjnych zajmujących się sportami zimowymi.

Jest to połączenie, które targi w Bolzano proponują co dwa lata, i które w 2010 roku było punktem odniesienia dla ponad 9300 gości z 24 krajów z całej Europy, a także z Rosji, Stanów Zjednoczonych, Kanady, Chin i Japonii. O randze imprezy świadczy także liczba wystawców: obecność 253 firm z 15 krajów dowodzi bowiem, iż targi stały się wydarzeniem, którego specjaliści z branży zimowej nie mogą opuścić. Wśród eksponowanych kategorii, oprócz odzieży, sprzętu i akcesoriów do uprawiania sportów zimowych, znajdują się tu również maszyny, usługi na potrzeby wypożyczalni, sklepy, sprzęt i usługi dla ośrodków narciarskich, a także książki, przewodniki, oferta stowarzyszeń branżowych, urządzenia do udzielania pierwszej pomocy oraz sprzęt bezpieczeństwa. To podwójne wydarzenie będzie zatem okazją, aby znaleźć swoje miejsce w oknie wystawowym profesjonalistów i nawiązać kontakt z klientami i partnerami branżowymi, ustanawiając w ten sposób korzystne relacje biznesowe.

Wśród wydarzeń już potwierdzonych na przyszły rok jest niezawodny International Skiareatest, uroczystość wręczenia nagród za sezon zimowy 2013/2014 dla najlepszych stacji narciarskich wyłonionych w drodze całkowicie anonimowego procesu selekcji. Oprócz zwycięzców w kategorii wyciągów linowych, ośrodków narciarskich, restauracji, lokali après-ski, szkół narciarskich, sklepów sportowych i usług dla dzieci, wyróżnione zostaną także najlepsze stoki narciarskie, które otrzymają międzynarodowy znak jakości. Tego rodzaju projekt oceny jakości realizowany będzie także na rynku wschodnim; w tym roku bowiem prezes Klaus Hönigsberger uczestniczyć będzie jako gość honorowy w Alpitec China, konferencji, którą zaplanowano na dni między 19 a 22 lutego, i na której dyskutować się będzie na temat sukcesu projektu kontroli jakości usług w zakresie turystyki letniej i zimowej. W najbliższych tygodniach opracowywany będzie pełny harmonogram spotkań, ceremonii i uroczystości wręczania nagród, które ożywią Prowinter Forum.

„Prawdziwą siłą naszego zespołu jest bez wątpienia zdolność do wychwytywania pomysłów dotyczących branży, przetwarzania ich i oferowania ich w formie nowości targowych – mówi Reinhold Marsoner, dyrektor Targów w Bolzano – od wprowadzenia platformy wynajmu dla narciarstwa alpejskiego do waloryzacji naszego know how eksportowanego w formie nowego produktu na Alpitec China. Udane targi nie mogą się obyć bez interpretacji nowości, jakie mają się pojawić w danym sektorze. Zasadę tę zastosowaliśmy również w sektorze sportów zimowych i technologii alpejskich, poprzez ustanowienie strategicznego partnerstwa z organizacjami, stowarzyszeniami i instytucjami tej branży, a w szczególności Fisi oraz Ismf.”

Czekamy na was w Bolzano, na zwycięskiej kombinacji Prowinter-Alpitec, na której będziecie mogli poznać z wyprzedzeniem nowości dotyczące materiałów, technologii i strategii w sportach zimowych.


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Bolzano se opět stane hlavním městem zimních sportů a vysokohorské technologie. Také v roce 2014 bude toto významné středisko regionu Alto Adige současně pořádat veletrhy Prowinter-Alpitec, a to 14. a 9. ročník. Od 9. do 11. dubna se budou konat tři dny “full immersion” věnované operátorům a odborníkům vysokohorského sektoru. V průběhu předcházejících ročníků byla na těchto dvou úspěšných veletrzích neustále doplňována expoziční a informační nabídka, do programu byly zahrnovány stále nová a nová výrobní odvětví, byly uzavřeny strategické obchodní vztahy s mezinárodními společnostmi a institucemi, byly představeny novinky uváděné na trh a nechyběla ani konfrontace, výměna názorů a zkušeností. To vše na strategické mezinárodní křižovatce, kterou město Bolzano bezpochyby je, protože se nachází v jedné z nejznámějších evropských oblastí zimního turistického ruchu. Je ideálním místem pro konání těchto dvou mezinárodních akcí, které ve dvou přilehlých pavilónech návštěvníkům nabízí celkový pohled na výrobní a distribuční sektor odvětví spojených se sněhem. Návštěvníci přitom mohou využít jedné společné vstupenky pro oba veletrhy.

Tuto kombinaci Veletrh Bolzano nabízí každé dva roky. V roce 2010 bylo uvítáno přes 9.300 návštěvníků ze  24 zemí, a to nejen z Evropy, ale také z Ruska, ze Spojených států amerických, Kanady, Číny a Japonska. Také počet vystavovatelů dokazuje, že se veletrh stal neodmyslitelným setkáním všech pracovníků daného sektoru: 253 firem z 15 zemí. Na veletrhu jsou představovány nejrůznější expoziční kategorie,  jako jsou oděvy, vybavení a příslušenství pro zimní sporty, zařízení a služby pro rental a prodejny, vybavení a služby zimních středisek, knihy a průvodce, společnosti působící v dané oblasti, vybavení pro první pomoc a bezpečnostní vybavení. Toto dvojí setkání představuje profesionální výlohu a příležitost pro setkání zákazníků a výrobců daného odvětví, přičemž se nabízí i možnost uzavírání obchodních vztahů.

V příštím roce je mimo jiné na programu také pořádání International Skiareatest. Na tomto slavnostním ceremoniálu budou vyhodnocena nejlepší alpská lyžařská střediska za zimní sezónu 2013/2014. Výběr těch nejlepších probíhal po celou sezónu, a to výhradně anonymní formou. Budou vyhlášeni vítězové v kategoriích lyžařské vleky, lyžařská střediska, restaurace, podniky aprés-ski, lyžařské školy, sportshop a služby pro děti. Budou vyhodnoceny také nejlepší lyžařské dráhy, které obdrží mezinárodní pečeť kvality. Tento projekt zaměřený na hodnocení kvality poskytovaných služeb bude nabízen také na východních trzích. V letošním roce bude předseda Klaus Hönigsberger čestným hostem veletrhu Alpitec China, který se bude konat od 19. do 22. února, a bude přednášet o úspěchu projektu zaměřeného na kontrolu kvality služeb v letním i zimním turistickém ruchu. V následujících týdnech bude představen kompletní kalendář akcí, ceremoniálů a udělování cen, které se budou konat v rámci Prowinter Forum.

“Silnou stránkou našeho týmu je bezpochyby schopnost zachytit, zpracovat a nabídnout výstavní formou novinky týkající se dané oblasti – prohlašuje Reinhold Marsoner, ředitel Veletrhu Bolzano –, a to počínaje prezentací půjčoven v rámci skialpinismu, až po zviditelnění našeho know how v zahraničí v rámci nového produktu jako je Alpitec China. Úspěšný veletrh musí návštěvníkům v předstihu nabídnout tendence daného sektoru. Tento princip jsme uplatnili také v oblasti zimních sportů a vysokohorské technologie, k čemuž přispěly i strategické vztahy s příslušnými federacemi, asociacemi a institucemi, jako jsou například Fisi a Ismf”.

Přijměte tudíž naše pozvání do Bolzana, na vítěznou dvojici Prowinter-Alpitec, která v předpremiéře představí materiály, technologie a strategie pro budoucnost zimních sportů. 


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Prowinter – Alpitec: The Successful Tradeshow Duo Returns Again in 2014


Bolzano/Bozen is the absolute center of winter sports and alpine technologies.  In 2014, the tradeshow duo of Prowinter-Alpitec will take place in the capital of South Tyrol for the fourteenth and ninth times, respectively.  The three intense days for all experts and professionals in the sector will be from April 9 to 11, 2014.  These two successful tradeshows have been a crowning jewel in the Exhibition Center’s own offerings year in, year out, both with regard to the product show and to the continuing education and informational programs.  In order to make possible these moments of exchange among experts and to provide information about the innovations within the sector, it has been and continues to be necessary to make and cultivate contacts with national associations and international institutions.  Bolzano/Bozen has always been a strategic intersection between North and South, and it is located in the heart of one of the most famous areas in the world for tourism in general and winter tourism in particular.  These are the perfect conditions for accommodating two events which, with two exhibition center pavilions and just one admission ticket, offer all those interested a total overview of the manufacturers and dealers in the international winter sports market.

In 2012, this double tradeshow which is held at an interval of every two years was the central point of reference for 9,300 visitors from twenty-four different countries, among which were Russia, the USA, Canada, China, and Japan.  And the presence of 253 companies from fifteen different nations proves the important role that the events have come to play at the cross-border level.  The exhibition sectors range from clothing, gear, and accessories for all types of winter sports to machinery and services for rentals and shops to equipment and services for ski areas, books, professional associations, and safety and emergency equipment.  Just like the market itself in the areas of winter sports and winter technologies, this double tradeshow in Bolzano/Bozen constantly undergoes change and displays the absolute latest trends in the sector from one edition to the next.  The pair of tradeshows is used by companies and associations to enter into partnerships and create synergies.

One fixed point on the Prowinter/Alpitec calendar is the International Ski Area Test, the awarding of the so-called  2013-14 “Wintersport Oscars”.  For nearly twenty years now, European tourism destinations within the Alps have been  scrutinized and ranked with regard to quality and safety.  More than two hundred members from the most varied of professions and nationalities, including executives, journalists, doctors, business experts, and technically competent hobby skiers collect anonymous impressions of participating ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, and France.  In addition to technical conditions, there is also an influence on the evaluation from soft skills such as the friendliness of the personnel. the après-ski experience, activities for children, ski schools, and sport shops.   In addition, the International Ski Run Seal of Approval is also awarded for periods of three years, for which the condition of the slopes, the grooming, the safeguarding, the management system, etc. are separately assessed and evaluated.  This idea is also to be exported to Asia, which is why President Klaus Hönigsberger will be the guest of honor at Alpitec China from February 19 to 22 in Beijing, where he will hold a conference on the topic of quality control and service orientation in summer and winter tourism.  In the next few weeks, the entire program of events will be arranged and announced.

“The true strength of our team is the ability to anticipate innovations in the winter sports sector, to rework them, and to offer them in the form of a tradeshow,” explains Reinhold Marsoner, Director of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center,  “from the launch of the rental platform to the focus on ski touring to the export of our know-how to Asia in the form of Alpitec China in Beijing.  A successful tradeshow has to anticipate the trends in the corresponding sector.  A principle that we have also implemented for the tradeshows of winter sports and alpine technologies in that we have entered into partnerships with the most important associations and institutions in the sector, first and foremost with the FISI and the SMF.”

The meeting point for all of the new innovations in winter sports is the double tradeshow Prowinter/Alpitec from April 9 to 11, 2014.


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The Trio of Winter Sports Tradeshows of the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center

With the three tradeshows “Alpitec”, “Alpitec China”, and “Prowinter” covering the areas of mountain and winter technologies as well as winter sports rentals and services, the Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center in South Tyrol, Italy has established itself as the country’s number one meeting point in the sector and a 360° platform for the entire winter sports sector.

In even-numbered years, “Prowinter”, the International Tradeshow for Rentals and Services for Winter Sports always take place along with “Alpitec”, the International Tradeshow for Mountain and Winter Technologies.  The next edition will be held from April 9 to 11, 2014 in Bolzano/Bozen.  Over the course of three days in 2012, this double tradeshow with a total of 365 exhibitors from fifteen countries drew 9,300 visitors from the sector from twenty-four different nations.  The successful double event “Alpitec/Prowinter”, is held in the heart of the Alps and signifies a successful symbiosis in the sector, since with mountain and winter technologies along with rentals and services for winter sports, two closely related areas are united.  The exhibition areas of “Alpitec” range from ski slope and cross country ski trail equipment to snowmaking and ski lift facilities to guest services, personnel equipment, winter service vehicles, safety, and rescue.  Those of “Prowinter” comprise equipment and accessories for winter sports, technical clothing for skiing schools and ski clubs, machines and furnishings for ski rentals and equipment, services, and safety provisions for winter ski areas, from flex poles to ski grinding machines to cashier systems.

While Europe is seeing itself confronted with sinking numbers of winter sports enthusiasts, above all in the youth sector, the interest in skiing sports is booming in China.  With the cooperation of the Munich International Trade Fairs, the same double tradeshow was launched in China in 2009 in order to meet the needs of the up-and-coming Asian market in the winter sports sector.  The sixth edition of this successful double tradeshow in Asia will take place from February 19 to 22, 2014.  The product show of the “ispo Beijing/Alpitec China” exhibitors in Beijing will be accompanied by the “Asia Pacific Snow Conference” (APSC) and additional practice-related events, making this double tradeshow one of the most important communications and networking platforms for the winter sports sector in the Asian market. 

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