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Creativity is at home in South Tyrol. Just think of the numerous artisans which bring new creations to life every day. From carved wood to wrought iron, weaving and embroidery to marble processing: the artistic, economic and social value of their work is now highly appreciated worldwide.

The DIY trend - often associated with re- and upcycling - is also becoming increasingly popular on a global scale. Surprising? Not at all, because it's easy, fun and affordable for everyone! Most importantly, it helps conserve resources and reduce waste while letting your creativity run wild.

At FieraMesse, we give voice to both trends - with two formats that are all about creative ideas. One is Arredo, the region's largest furnishing exhibition, and the other is Kreativ, which brings together all the DIY experts from South Tyrol (and far beyond).

1 team
40 creative minds
2 trade shows
100% passion

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Harry Thaler
Anna Borrelli

Creativity is the only true way to authentically explore the world and its contrasts all around us.

Harry Thaler


The trade show Kreativ is a celebration of imagination in all its forms. Perfect for those in search of new inspiration!

Anna Borrelli

Blogger and TV anchor

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