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There are probably as many ways to shape one's life as there are people on earth. Lifestyles depend on various circumstances and therefore like to change over time. They are also important economic factors in that they provide for consumption and thus for growth - keyword fashion (but not only).

Lifestyles strongly depend, of course, on the environment into which one is born or which one chooses for oneself. In this respect, we in South Tyrol are in a fortunate position with a beautiful landscape, age-old traditions, stable politics and a flourishing economy. To put it in a nutshell: our small region today offers the best conditions for simply living well!

With our consumer trade shows, we as FieraMesse always try to keep up with the times and offer something for everyone: from living and furnishing to sports and leisure, fashion and beauty to food and drink. This is in our DNA - as it has been for over 70 years.

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Silvia Fontanive
Roland Fischnaller

Trade shows are a great stage for everyone, even if you're not used to stages from your everyday life.

Silvia Fontanive

Anchor woman

Everyone involved in the trade shows at FieraMesse always shows a lot of heart and passion for others. That's the thing I like best.


Mascot "Fiera del Volontariato"

I am a big fan of trade shows, I never miss any of the shows at FieraMesse.

Roland Fischnaller

Snowboard World Champion
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