The world of apples in 82 pages


The second edition of the official Interpoma magazine

New topics, new ideas and many stories from apple industry insiders. Optimisation of resources, new technologies and the apple economy in the USA. Precisely on the first day of the Interpoma Congress 2022 the dynamics of the US market, which as the past has often shown, has been the forerunner of major trends worldwide, will be closely observed.

This new edition of ipoma, the official magazine of Interpoma, offers trade professionals scientifically well-documented reports that are at the same time as enjoyable as a newspaper article. An overview of what are the strongest motivations that drive industry professionals on a day-to-day basis. A condensation of 82 printed on 100 per cent paper made from the remains of juice apples.

Enjoy this read, a real must for apple professionals!

18 apple varieties tasted by the editors
36 times the word 'tree' is mentioned
82 apples photos were chosen from
601 researched by editors

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Tomorrow’s Harvest
Rise and Fall - Red Delicious
Precision and Prediction
Quo vadis, USA?
The Visionary

A journey in pictures about apple picking, which is now facing a real revolution: complete automation.

Tomorrow’s Harvest

From manual work to full automation

For 70 years it dominated the U.S. market, even becoming a design icon: then the slow decline. What were the reasons for this fall?

Rise and Fall - Red Delicious

End of the line for a superstar

Luca Corelli Grappadelli and Luigi Manfrini, precision agriculture experts from the University of Bologna, talk about the future of this sector.

Precision and Prediction

Two experts on the future of apple farming

With the 2000s, the U.S. came first in the industry, thanks to investment in technology and R&D. What risks are involved in this success?

Quo vadis, USA?

The rapid rise of an apple nation

An exclusive interview with internationally renowned pomologist Walter Guerra. The coordinator of the Interpoma Congress 2022 talks about himself.

The Visionary

Testing, tasting, selecting

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