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The world is changing - and so is the apple economy. That's why it is vital to keep up to date! With ipoma, the new Interpoma Magazine, keeping up is easy: it is nothing less than concentrated expertise on 64 apple-paper pages for all industry insiders!

The stories in this very first edition deal with the hottest topics of the season: What is the future of the apple industry going to be like? Which varieties are particularly suitable for cultivation in view of climate change and countless exotic competitors? Can the fruit of Adam and Eve even be used as a therapeutic agent?

Greats personalities like Willi Kremer-Schillings, better known as "Farmer Willi", provide food for thought on the difficult relationship between consumers and farmers and the distorted self-image of agriculture. And last but not least, ipoma is taking you on a journey to the origin of the apple - to Kazakhstan.

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The apple therapy
Grower vs consumer
The future of the apple
Back to the roots

Science: Apples as an experimental treatment for birch pollen allergy in the project "Apple Care" by Laimburg Research and the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

The apple therapy

How healthy is the apple?

Interview: "Farmer" Willi Kremer-Schillings in an interview on the self-deception of agriculture and the conflict between producer and consumer.

Grower vs consumer

From conflict to innovation

In South Tyrol, the apple economy has a long tradition - and yet it is still in a state of constant change. A strategy report on the challenges of the 21st century.

The future of the apple

An outlook

The dream of a lifetime: Kurt Werth on his journey to Kazakhstan to discover the beginnings of his passion. An interview by Lenz Koppelstätter.

Back to the roots

A travel report