Prowinter Clinics Day 1

Detailed program: Wednesday, the 10th of January

Prowinter awaits you with clinics, short talks in which companies present their products to retailers and rental companies, sharing important technical information as well as tips for selling them effectively. Discover the detailed program.

2:00-2:15 pmReichmannThe new POLYMAT PRO - The revolution in automatic surface repair for skis & boardsThe new Polymat Pro from Reichmann solves the current challenges in repairing ski and snowboard surfaces. The automatic surface repair machine has modern camera technology, which allows scratches to be precisely recognised and locally filled with repair material. This saves you material, energy and time and there is hardly any smoke or vapours in the room.
2:20-2:35 pmTannusThe future of puncture protection solutions for bike rental: Tannus Armour and Tannus AirlessHow to increase the profitability of bike rentals by reducing punctures and maintenance with Tannus products? All solutions to improve the efficiency of your bike fleet.
2:40-2:55 pmWintersteiger Digitization in rental, storage and ski service The power of interconnection
3:00-3:15 pmJulbo Julbo Next The new mask Launcher
3:40-3:55 pmAlpinaThe ALTO helmet and Quattroflex technologyStyle, aesthetics, innovation. ALPINA ALTO is a helmet with a visor for skiers who value their looks.

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