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Interpoma presents

Apples Sort 3, UNIQ Apples and Unical 8.0

Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples are Unisorting brand of UNITEC technologies for selecting the external and internal quality of apples as never before. These technologies allow packing houses to obtain fruits characterized by deep quality consistency and uniformity inside each package and between one package and another.

Thanks to their ability to select fruit in a new and precise way according to multiple parameters - external and internal quality, as well as weight, optical size and color - these systems help dividing apples into classes that meet the different conservation and distribution requirements and the many needs and tastes of the final consumer.

Moreover, the Unisorting lines equipped with Apples Sort 3 and Uniq Apples, thanks to their high degree of automation, allow significant savings in terms of labor costs and a major increase in production efficiency.

These technologies, which are 100% developed and manufactured by the UNITEC group, are installed on the Unical 8.0 sorter, a technological solution that allows apple’s gentleness to be fully respected and efficiently responds to today’s current needs for sanitation. Unical 8.0 is completely made of stainless steel and has been designed to avoid product contamination: it is 100% sanitizable and it is the only machine on the market to hold the cleanability requirements certification of the Bureau Veritas (EHSR 2.1 of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC).




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