A journey into the world of organic apples

Press Tour

The national press visits Biosüdtirol

In South Tyrol there are 18,000 hectares of apple orchards, 2,000 of which are organically grown.

These organic apples are grown by, among others, 200 producers in one of the VOGs cooperatives - VOG obviously being the South Tyrolean Fruit and Vegetable Consortium. We are of course talking about the cooperative "Biosüdtirol" di Lana, which we at FieraMesse could not fail to introduce to the journalists of the national specialized press, who came to visit us on the occasion of Biolife.

Leading the tour was no other than Gerhard Dichgans, former director of VOG and new coordinator of the Interpoma Congress, as well as the Director of Biosüdtirol Werner Castiglioni, who explained to us how organic farming is positively contagious. In fact, many companies have realized only recently, that organic is not only a trend but a viable path and have decided to switch to organic farming, starting the process of conversion and certification.

Excellent news for Biosüdtirol, which produces many of the most popular varieties of apples, from Granny Smith to Fuji, up to protected varieties such as Pink Lady or Kanzi. During the visit to the plant we saw (and tasted) all stages of production - from the refrigeration cells, to the selective phase and of course the packaging. And even the latter is only organic: the cooperative is in fact experimenting with straw paperboard for packaging.

Only the best (and most organic) at Biosüdtirol.