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Interpoma China: a new meeting point for the apple industry in Asia

For twenty years, the international trade show Interpoma in Bolzano, Italy, has been an unparalleled success and the only trade show worldwide focusing solely on the cultivation, the storage and the marketing of the fruit of Adam and Eve: the apple!

Now, after the 10th edition of its flagship, it is the time to embark on journeys to new shores, and to take Interpoma all the way to the Far East! The very first Interpoma China 2017 International Congress & Exhibition for the Cultivation, Storage and Marketing of Apples was held at the Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center on the Shandong peninsula from June 28 to 30, 2017. 

Interpoma China was organized as a conference and exhibition on the cultivation, storage and marketing of apples. Two thousand visitors were able to enjoy what was on offer from 70 companies in an exhibition space covering 5,000 square meters, half from China itself and half from nine other countries: Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Korea and the Netherlands.

China is one of the leading apple growing countries with a total production of 40 million tons (in 2014) and 2,320,000 ha of apple orchards and offers a giant market with endless opportunities. The rapid modernization of China's way of cultivating apples, fuelled by large-scale investments calls for new pest control procedures, new machineries and equipment, new technologies and means of production.

Interpoma China is going to establish itself as China's go-to platform in the sector, by preseting the complete process chain – a 360° experience with special attention on its international congress, featuring experts and scientists from all over the world.


2,000 visitors

5,000 square meters

70 companies from 10 countries

1 International Congress

3 Interpoma China Tours

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"Interpoma China is the first step in the development of a very large event, not least because of the high levels of interest and satisfaction shown by the companies present. In China it is evident that fruit-growing is a very lively sector and when Interpoma China is more widely known, it is bound to grow”.

Eric van der Hoeff, Fruitconsult

"Holding an exhibition in an important fruit-growing area is undoubtedly a great opportunity. It is difficult at the start but, judging by the talks we have had in the last few days, I am sure it will become an interesting platform and that more representatives from other countries will attend, increasing the platform's international dimension”.

Helwig Schwartau, AMI

"In the hundreds of exhibitions we have attended or visited, I personally have never seen such a perfect equation: level of exhibitors, visitors' interest, fit with the end users' market, size of the site, openly available market data information, tours to orchards, easy access to institutions, media coverage.”

Federico Donega, Carraro Tractors

"We are in China, the country of infinite opportunities, and it seems to be exactly that. We therefore recommend that everyone should come to the next Interpoma China”.

Nils Jonson, Revò

"The first Interpoma China event has been a success and has opened up major business opportunities for us. The event has major growth potential and I am sure it will attract more professionals from the sector in terms of both exhibitors and visitors through ongoing brand promotion."

Liu Linxuan, Haisheng Group

"The first Interpoma China event was well organized and has had a considerable impact on the industry. I am expecting to tie up some good business deals in its wake”.

Zhu Danpu, Ying Juyuan Agriculture Sci & Tech

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Interpoma China: a new meeting point for the apple industry in Asia

Two thousand people attended the first Interpoma China Congress & Exhibition at the Weihai International Exhibition & Conference Center on the Shandong peninsula from June 28 to 30, 2017.

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