Startup Village
19/11 - 21/11/2020
09:00 - 18:00
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Robotics, superfood and software solutions are key terms at the first start up village supported by Interpoma. Start ups from all around the globe will present innovative ideas which will have a crucial impact on the future of the apple industry.

Blue Tentacles: 
Blue Tentacles develop, produce, sell and maintain wireless Irrigation and Environmental Monitoring Systems based on a reliable, flexible and user friendly Software Platform and dedicated Hardware. The systems can control all kinds of actuators and collect data from all kind of sensors. Furthermore, Blue Tentacles systems' can be integrated in already operating Irrigation Systems maintaining the existing hardware, all this with limited interventions and cost.

x-farm is software to support farmers in their daily work by improving the management of data through a digital logbook and creating all the documents essential to track activities. It's managable from computers, tablets or smartphones and is available whenever you want and wherever you are.


Perfrutto is a high-tech service used to forecast production in the orchards of apples, pears and kiwifruit. It arises from a predictive algorithm developed in 30 years of university research. Perfrutto is a service which will help farmers to increase profitability, fruit size, harvest and efficiency in resource management. 

Revotree is an IOT system that allows to optimize agricultural processes in a simple way: three convenient devices accompanied by a user friendly platform. This system will manage a farms water supply system which can be handled by a simple app. Revotree aim is to for offer the best irrigation solution for farmers and at the same time strive for a sustainable use of global water resources.

HSE SPA is another startup form the industry of watering systems specialized in apple fruites. Thanks to recent findings in the field of irrigation, a new system was developed which assures only little water consumption. The HSE SPA systems provide save transports of apples and exceptional water quality which helps to grow and sell high quality apples.